Featured in Save The Date Magazine.

It’s lovely to see that my little tutorials are getting used by lots of brides to be.

Last week saw my Pom Pom tutorial featured in Save the Date Magazine‘s first issue of the year, alongside some other beautiful content. The feature shows all the stages of how to make a Pom Pom, as well as a lovely big picture of our very own wedding, displaying the Pom Poms in all their colourful papery gorgeous-ness.

In October of last year, I took part in my first ever fair – a wedding fair too! Abbi and Lydia, the lovely ladies of Save the Date, invited me to hold a stall at their ‘Wedding Event with a Difference’ fair. After seeing all the crafty things that I had made for my own wedding earlier in June (seems like such a long time ago now!), they thought I would fit right into the fair’s Creative Corner.

The fair was one of the nicest I’ve ever seen with some really unique and individual companies exhibiting, providing great inspiration and ideas for the browsing brides. So I was thrilled when they emailed me just before Christmas to ask if they could feature my tutorial in their magazine.

Whether you are a bride or not, I recommend you take a look at their mag…you can view it online at: http://savethedatemagazine.co.uk/magazine/. There is some really lovely content and beautiful images, and I also hear they are hosting another fair in April which any bride to be would be mad to miss!


Lovely lavender.

The lovely ladies over at Leafy Couture (who provided the flowers for our wedding) have not only invited me to their birthday party/wedding showcase as one of their past brides, but they’ve also very kindly asked if I wanted to put anything in their goody bags, promoting my little craft business! I’ve [obviously] jumped at the chance!

My ‘Emily Carlill’ postcards are currently being printed (designed again by the lovely Rose) which will be goody bag perfect. I also, however, wanted to make something for each of the brides to be at the party, but with under two weeks to the event and not much budget, needed to think of something nice but within these limits. I decided on lavender bags, all different in fabric colour and pattern – just a little something but pretty cute and, if nothing else, make your undies draw smell lovely!

The Wedding Showcase Evening, hosted by Leafy Couture, is taking place on Thursday 6th October at Harewood House.


As of today I am an official exhibitor at my first ever wedding event.

Not only did I receive lots of lovely comments and questions last week after our wedding was featured on Rock My Wedding, I was also asked if I wanted to exhibit my crafts and promote my crafting business at the ‘Wedding Event with a Difference‘ on Sunday 16th October by the lovely ladies from Save the Date Magazine.

A little questionnaire and booking form later and…taa daa…I feature on their website’s ‘Exhibitors Exposed‘ section. I shall be exhibiting in the event’s Creative Corner. How exciting! And equally terrifying as my name appears in a list of some pretty talented people. Looking forward to meeting some brides to be though and chatting weddings.

I have a couple of ideas so far for my display but these have yet to be developed. However, as a starting point, we have taken a trip to B&Q to get some wood for Pete to make me a display board – all very in keeping with the handmade theme of course!

It’s a good job my lovely business cards arrived too…

Designed by the lovely Rose Mountague

Busy week for weddings.

I'll have an E please Bob...

Starting with the arrival of my wedding photos last Tuesday (so still not over these), then came the long awaited, but absolutely no less exciting engagement of one of my best and longest friend.

I can tell her brain is on overdrive already – she has been emailing me random links and photos everyday this week with ideas for the venue, transport, dress, right down to food – she hasn’t even set a date yet! Not that I mind – I am, after all, ‘Creative Director’!

Seriously though, I am so looking forward to this wedding and getting another chance to be involved in wedding decorations. In some ways this is more fun that doing my own as I don’t have to deal with my own indecisiveness or the added pressure of the fact that it was ‘my own’.

I just get Laura to tell me her ideas, anything particular she wants and likes, and using what I also know she is like, I get to do the fun part browsing yet more real weddings on blogs for inspiration, thinking of ideas and hopefully getting the chance to do more diy-ing!
I have already got a pretty good idea of what this wedding is going to be like (a week in and the mood board has already been started!). Two words that initially spring to mind though include: big fun and hearty (actually that’s more that two words but you get the idea!).

Rounding up the week, four pages on and I completed, finally, the Rock My Wedding questionnaire essay-style. How exciting is it that this blog was one I used the most for ideas and inspiration when planning my own wedding, and now my wedding is the one hopefully giving this back to other brides to be –  it is like the wedding circle of life (kind of!). However, writing this was both:

a) Difficult – due to the amount of stuff that we did for our wedding and remembering every detail and everyone that was involved, and making sure my words gave them, and how I feel about the wedding, enough credit.
b) Really nice – because it was lovely to go through it all again and show and tell the world (the wedding world that is) about it and everything that we did. I hope I gave enough information and I hope my write up will help other brides.

Last but not least in the wedding-filled week is an actual wedding – woo! Off to Derbyshire tomorrow to my uni friend’s wedding. Not only am I looking forward to seeing the lovely bride Hannah and catching up with my friends (I might actually get more of a chance to speak to them at this wedding since the last one – my own), it’s good for research purposes. Everyone has different styles of wedding and their personalities should show through in this, I am going to keep my eyes open for lots of ideas!

In other news: this week I have made:

  • a glasses case for my mum (using a variation of a Cath Kidston pattern)
  • fabric letters  – as a test run for a project I have been asked to do but more news on this another time as this post is already a bit long! (It’s been a busy week!)

Glasses Case for my mum's birthday (3 weeks ago!)

Made with Love.


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How we created our wedding. When we got engaged in July 2010 and started talking about ideas for our wedding, we both knew that we wanted a relaxed garden party-style wedding and, as a lover of sewing, bunting was definitely … Continue reading

Breaking Blog!

Just received our wedding photos from Dominique – our wedding photographer. Ohhh Emmm Geeee they are so beautiful, I literally couldn’t be happier! And there are some really great shots of the marquee and all my crafts!

More about this amazingly talented lady later – you can see her work, and our photos at www.dominiquebaderblog.com.