Make lovely Lavender Bags…my DIY Tutorial.

I’ve written many a DIY blog posts over the past couple of year but for other blogs, so I thought it’s time to add something of value for my own blog readers by posting some on here. Some will be repeats of those I’ve posted elsewhere but I will also add new ones when time allow.

I’ve started here with a nice simple tutorial for lavender bags; these are easy to make, can be made with any pretty fabric and size, decorated, and make lovely little gifts (perfect for Mother’s Day).


You will need:
● Pretty Fabric
● Pretty Ribbon*
● Paper template (I’ve made mine 3” square but it’s up to you on the shape and size of
your bags)
● Dried lavender
● Coordinating thread
● Tailors chalk or pencil
● Pins
● Scissors


I’ve written this tutorial based on the use of a sewing machine. However, these lavender bags
can also be made by hand sewing, just allow for more time.
*The ribbon I have used in this tutorial is available to buy from Wedding in a Teacup.

1. Cut your fabric
● Fold over your fabric, right (patterned) sides together and pin your template to the fabric.
● Using tailors chalk or a pencil, draw around the template.

● Remove the template, but place a pin in the fabric to hold the two pieces together while
you cut.


● Cut our your lavender bag shape from your fabric. You should now have two pieces (one
for the either side of the bag).


2. Sew your lavender bag together.
● Pin right (patterned) sides of your lavender bag together.
● Using approximately ¼ “ seam allowance, sew around three sides of your fabric.
Tip: When you get to the end of one side, leave the needle in the fabric, lift the presser foot and
spin the fabric to continue along the next side.


Tip: Most sewing machines have a reverse function, at the places you start and end your
stitches, sew a few stitches forward and back – this will help to keep the stitches in place when
you come to turn the bag the right way out.
● Turn your bag the right way out and press. It may help to poke the corners out with a


3. Fold the top seam.
● On the open side of your bag, fold the fabric approximately ¼” inwards and press.


● Half fill your lavender bag with dried lavender.


4. Making your bag loop.
● Using some pretty ribbon*, cut approximately 12cm (or longer if you prefer your loop to
be larger), fold the ribbon in half and place the ends in the open edge of the bag.
● Pin this open edge of the bag together making sure to catch the ends of the loop.

5. Finishing your lavender bag.
● Topstitch a few millimeters across open edge of the bag closed making sure to sew over
the loop ends. Add a few reverse stitches at the start and end of your run of stitches to
ensure these are secure and don’t come unravelled.




As I mentioned above these make great gifts, for any occasion (although probably mainly for the ladies in your life), are perfect as little wedding favours or just to keep your undies drawer smelling delicious!
I often make a few in one go as they come in very hand as little additional extras to accompany birthday or Christmas pressies, and you can decorate them to match decor or personal likes. (Take a look at the little selection I made just before Christmas…which I’m still giving out now!)


Save the date…

So a few people have been asking how we did our Save The Date – another easy and cheap DIY. Here’s another tutorial from Pete…

“To make the save the dates, you have to first need to make the signs…We painted our signs but I guess you could print some out, or just hold up plain pieces of paper an add the text on the computer.

Next, take four funny pictures! It’s best to take your photos against a plain wall so that they look most like a photo booth.




When you’ve got your images, You need to make them square. You can crop them in Paint on Windows or Preview on the Mac.

To arrange the photos into the photo booth shape, you could do it in a graphics programme, but Word will do just as well. Open a new Word document and just drag your images in.

In order to arrange the images freely in Word, you need to stop them being fixed to the text. Right-click on the image, choose Format Picture and under either Layout or Text-Wrapping (depending on your version of Word) and then choose Behind Text.

Now that you can drag your pictures around, re-size them all to about a fifth of the width of an A4 page and then drag the four pictures above each other, leaving a gap between each one and a bigger gap at the top and bottom.

To get the most out of your paper, copy the four images across so you’ve got five lines next to each other, and you’re done!

Print them out on photo paper for that photo booth feel, and you can always print something on the back if you want to put some more text.”