Jesse’s handmade gifts

Those who know me know I am partial to a hand made item. Being a crafter myself I know how much work, time and effort, is put into creating something unique for someone – and this makes it more special to receive.

When Jesse was born, and even now, a few months on, we have receive so many gorgeous hand made gifts, it would be rude of me not to share …(and give a shout out to those so generous).

Appliqué vests and softie from Laura F (who is currently due her baby – I’ll have to come up with something good in return!)


Audrey (mum and ‘commissionee‘ of my friend Laura D) – who is probably one of the world’s greatest and fastest knitter, who can turn her needles to anything including this cosy teal sleeping bag with wooden buttons.


Gorgeous patchwork blanket from Linda, whose quilting talent I can only aspire to.


Oh so beautiful and intricate knitted shawl from my Aunty Shirley – can you believe this was made by hand…just wow!


Mini knitted baseball boots…cuuuuttttee! (again thank you Aunty S).


Appliqué elephant card from new mum and fellow crafter Lou. This is getting framed and mounted on Jesse’s bedroom wall.


Winnie the Pooh quote print personalised with Jesse’s name and date of birth, created by Jane, another piece of wall candy.


More gorgeous knitted goodies – a mountain of cardies and jumpers (and hats and booties) from my Aunty Maureen. So beautiful and with a quality no shop could match. And, a range of sizes to last him many months…yeay – he’s certainly going to be the smartest boy in town!

SONY DSCBall taggie from Katie (yet another new mum – they are certainly setting the standard for mum/crafters!). This is made with a range of fabrics with different colours and textures and includes little sticky out ribbons, great for his learning and development (and entertainment).

Colourful taggie from Helen – LOVE this fabric and super colourful which Jesse finds extremely attractive. This has some many different and interesting tags – satin ribbons, canvas tags, buttons and jumbo ric rac – for Jesse to feel (and chew on!).


A big thank you from myself and Jesse for these gorgeous gifts; they’ve also given me inspiration for gifts I’m sure to be making in the future!



Emily’s Quilt

Not me Emily! This was a quilt from one Emily to another; usually I am making things at the request of others but this was a project I wanted to do as a gift from me.

I wanted to make a quilt for my friend’s, Ellie and Mark, who were due to have a baby in January. I’d already previously made the baby quilt that is featured in the Cath Kidston ‘Sew’ book for my niece, Emma, which is lovely but wanted to do something a bit different.

Using bits from both the Cath Kidston ‘Sew’ book as well as ‘Material Obsession: Contemporary Quilt Design’ by Kathy Doughty and Sarah Fielke (my new favourite book!) I decided to combine the pattens and draw up my own…which took quite a lot of workings out!

One of my other reasons for not doing the Cath Kidston baby quilt was that it has little birds and elephants that need to be sew on by hand which I didn’t fancy as it is quite time consuming…so, instead, I decided to design a quilt which had way more hand sewing! (Go figure!) But, as I said in my previous post, once I set my mind on something I have to complete it!

My quilt had over 20 hearts and 48 mini hearts that all needed to be hand sewn! If this wasn’t enough, I wanted to use a quilting stitch (by hand!) around each of the hearts, as well as some embroidery in the centre part of the quilt.

Baby Emily arrived on 16th January 2012. Whilst I wanted to make the quilt girly using hearts and flowers, I tried to stay away from too much pink. I combined lots of lovely floral fabric in a whole range of colours and the result was perhaps a little crazier than I thought it would turn out!

I embroidered the very centre panel with Emily’s name, birth weight and birth date.

I’m happy with the finished product (I like crazy colours!) and I think this will suit little Emily as a baby, a little girl and even as a young teen. A lot of hard work, hours and love went into this little project and it is totally a pleasure; I met baby Emily just over a week ago and she is absolutely precious.

Unfortunately, I didn’t actually get the quilt finished for when I planned on visiting. I couldn’t go empty handed! So, as a temporary pressy, I quickly whipped up a little owl taggie, and posted the quilt a week later.