I Heart Puppies!

Whilst I have been busy with my Love Me Sew stuff (fellow crafty folk, please check it out), I have been neglecting this personal blog. However, this does not mean I have been slacking off!

I am still beavering away each night and weekends, sewing up pretty fabric to make into items; be it that for weddings, items for houses, gifts for people to give (which now include Christmas stockings), or things that I [rarely] make to give as gifts from myself.

The latter of these things at the moment tend to be very new baby focused, being now at that certain age, which this post (and I think the next) is all about.

I’ve made lots of baby items in the past including little panda bears, bibs, laundry bags, aprons, bunting, taggies and quilts, and wanted to try a few things that were different or less time consuming [as with the quilts!].

So whenever I get time to make something that I want to give as a gift from myself I use as an opportunity to test new things and be a bit more creative. And the outcome…

Here is my menagerie of cute critters…

The reason behind the variety of shapes and sizes is purely down to some duff prototypes until I got the pattern I wanted! (Although, even the one the looks like a giraffe crossed with a rabbit, I think, is still pretty cute.

These little puppies, I’ve discovered, make great little gifts, a relatively quick to make and use up small left-over bits of fabric…brilliant!

These were inspired by my very own puppy – totally not relavent but I just like showing off pictures of my Winnie…possibly THE cuttest puppy in the whole world, and who I have yet to make a winter coat for…look out for that post!


Cowboy treat for my Texas Pete.

It’s been a little while since I posted anything on my own blog due to the fact that it is coming into wedding season and I am full to bursting with making hessian runners, men’s wedding ties, bunting, bridesmaid bags, banners, cutlery pouches, and cake bunting!

That, and the fact that I am working on getting my partnership business, Love Me Sew, up and running – which I might post about soon when (fingers crossed) our website will be live! Yeahy.

Amongst all the wedding craft craziness, I’ve managed to squeeze in a few extra bits and bobs; two of which have been pressys for my family. Granted, not the most exciting of presents but I enjoyed making them (as they were nice, easy and stress-free!) and, most importantly, they were liked…

The first was a cushion for my mum for Mother’s Day. Not only was it patchwork (which I love of any kind due to its crazy random-ness) but it was a little bit more special as I made the patchwork pieces out of the fabric left over from my wedding bunting.

The second was also a cushion but this time for the hubby. I know it’s a bit of a rubbish present for a man but it’s so difficult to think of a suitable, manly gift that is sewn or hand-crafted (and I made a not-very-strict-resolution to give a hand-made gift at every possible birthday opportunity!). While I also got him some other more interesting gifts, I knew he would like this as it’s made with cowboy print fabric (of the Cath Kidston variety) and anyone who knows Pete knows he has the biggest back catalogue of country music and loves to styles himself on a bit of the American Old West!

Pete, second from right with the appropriately named Hank Williams-style band 'The Lovesick Cowboys'.