And so continues my upcycling…(and some new things).

So I haven’t posted anything for a while – last week I took a bit of time off from the sewing machine, allowing us to have a rest after the wedding fair. However, with my first weekend free in I-can’t-remember-how-long, I got back on it; only this time making a few little bits and bobs as gifts…

The first of those being a little purse for my friend Rose after she liked one ‘I made earlier’ that I posted previously in ‘Lots of little purses’.

I made this one a little more personal to Rose though as I used, for the lining, a duvet cover that she kindly donated to me a little while back; it was an old-school duvet cover (complete with retro St. Michael’s label!) that she liked the print off but was a bit too ’70s to use for real, and had no other use for.

And so continues my upcycling: from shirt to pants, skirt to purse, now duvet to purse (I feel a theme forming…). Plus there is also still plenty of material left to make more items…coming your way Rose! I also made it as a little thank you as she has done a lot of design work for me of late. Take a look at her fab work at

My second gift item was another little Patchwork Panda for a little 1 year old lady. I’ve made a few of these now and they seen to go down pretty well with the little ones, personally I think this is my favourite.

The fabric I used for the arms, legs and ears is a super cute print called Teeny Tiny Zoo – I got mine from one of my favourite online shops: Fabric Rehab. The pattern was from Sew Hip magazine which, on receiving through the door, is the highlight of my month (probably should get out more!).


I embroidered the birthday girl's name on his foot - he definitely belongs to her now.


Still on the ‘to do’ list is more baby items, bunting for an online boutique (woo! All to be revealed soon), more purses and bags, pjs, and more! Will post once done…but for now back to focusing on the wedding fair coming Sunday x



Project Scabby Sofa

Bunting I can do, but transforming an old sofa into a fancy new one, this is a bit more of a challenge!

Please make me look pretty...

This is my latest venture. A little shop at my work is currently undergoing a re-fit, and while the main purpose of visiting the shop today was to collect our department’s camera, I ended up returning with two old scabby seat cushions! Di, the shop manager, has persuaded me to cover a nasty-looking sofa in some mismatched pretty prints so she can use in her office, matching the freshly painted white walls and pink, blue and yellow furniture.

Stinky old sofa cushions.

Whilst my washed fabric is drying (to use to make bunting also for the shop), I ponder the hows to make the cushion covers, although reckon it can’t be that hard. I will recycle the zips, unpick the exiting covers to make a template and bobs your uncle!

Watch this space to see how I get on…(it may be a while!)