Make lovely Lavender Bags…my DIY Tutorial.

I’ve written many a DIY blog posts over the past couple of year but for other blogs, so I thought it’s time to add something of value for my own blog readers by posting some on here. Some will be repeats of those I’ve posted elsewhere but I will also add new ones when time allow.

I’ve started here with a nice simple tutorial for lavender bags; these are easy to make, can be made with any pretty fabric and size, decorated, and make lovely little gifts (perfect for Mother’s Day).


You will need:
● Pretty Fabric
● Pretty Ribbon*
● Paper template (I’ve made mine 3” square but it’s up to you on the shape and size of
your bags)
● Dried lavender
● Coordinating thread
● Tailors chalk or pencil
● Pins
● Scissors


I’ve written this tutorial based on the use of a sewing machine. However, these lavender bags
can also be made by hand sewing, just allow for more time.
*The ribbon I have used in this tutorial is available to buy from Wedding in a Teacup.

1. Cut your fabric
● Fold over your fabric, right (patterned) sides together and pin your template to the fabric.
● Using tailors chalk or a pencil, draw around the template.

● Remove the template, but place a pin in the fabric to hold the two pieces together while
you cut.


● Cut our your lavender bag shape from your fabric. You should now have two pieces (one
for the either side of the bag).


2. Sew your lavender bag together.
● Pin right (patterned) sides of your lavender bag together.
● Using approximately ¼ “ seam allowance, sew around three sides of your fabric.
Tip: When you get to the end of one side, leave the needle in the fabric, lift the presser foot and
spin the fabric to continue along the next side.


Tip: Most sewing machines have a reverse function, at the places you start and end your
stitches, sew a few stitches forward and back – this will help to keep the stitches in place when
you come to turn the bag the right way out.
● Turn your bag the right way out and press. It may help to poke the corners out with a


3. Fold the top seam.
● On the open side of your bag, fold the fabric approximately ¼” inwards and press.


● Half fill your lavender bag with dried lavender.


4. Making your bag loop.
● Using some pretty ribbon*, cut approximately 12cm (or longer if you prefer your loop to
be larger), fold the ribbon in half and place the ends in the open edge of the bag.
● Pin this open edge of the bag together making sure to catch the ends of the loop.

5. Finishing your lavender bag.
● Topstitch a few millimeters across open edge of the bag closed making sure to sew over
the loop ends. Add a few reverse stitches at the start and end of your run of stitches to
ensure these are secure and don’t come unravelled.




As I mentioned above these make great gifts, for any occasion (although probably mainly for the ladies in your life), are perfect as little wedding favours or just to keep your undies drawer smelling delicious!
I often make a few in one go as they come in very hand as little additional extras to accompany birthday or Christmas pressies, and you can decorate them to match decor or personal likes. (Take a look at the little selection I made just before Christmas…which I’m still giving out now!)


Little Lavender Bags

Lavender bags are quite simple little gifts to make, but everyone seams to love them!

I made a few before Christmas to give as gifts, but instead of just two pieces of fabric sewed together and stuffed with some dried lavender, I decided to jazz them up a bit with some decoration.

My 90 year old nan is so hard to buy a present for as she just tells us she doesn’t want anything…not even chocolates (because she is ‘trying to be good’! If you can’t be naughty at 90, when can you be?). Really, I know she appreciates anything we give her, and I like to try to make as many things as possible so knew she would appreciate a these little hand-made gifts…

I got this cute cross stitch pattern (plus threads) free in one of my issues of Mollie Makes magazine. It took me about three hours to do (in a one’er) whilst I was watching Children in Need back in November, which I then trimmed with cream crochet trim, and stitched onto some lovely pale pink and white spot cotton linen fabric (Seasonal Supplies shop via Etsy). I edged the design with a hand-sewn running stitch and embroidery thread. After sewing the little bag together as normal, filling with dried lavender, I finished it off with a ribbon loop and cute button.



I also made a matching bookmark with my nan’s (Mary) initial.


As this was such a hit with my mum, I thought I would make her (and my Aunty) some lavender bags as little additions to their presents. Only I couldn’t decide on a design so I made many and thought the extras would make handy little gifts ready for friends and family birthdays throughout the year…

The entire collection (times four of each)…errr yeah I got a bit carried away with my free-hand machine appliqué!


Aunty Shirley got the little pink houses (far right), whilst Aunty Elaine got the cherries…


My mum got the brollies (only she saw a ‘J’ for Joyce…err yeah mum, that’s what it’s supposed to be!)


The blue flowers are my favourite (may keep these for myself to hang in my wardrobe)…



These make great little inexpensive gifts as you can make them as big or small as your fabric allows; you can even use up fabric left-overs for both the bags and decoration.

One piece of beautiful fabric.

A few week’s ago my friend Rachael asked me, if she bought the fabric, would I make her mum a make-up bag for Christmas, as she had not found one she liked. ‘Of course I will, post it up’ I said.

Now, I’ve never sewn with Liberty fabric before, just stared lovingly at their website sighing and thinking ‘ah, one day…’, but on receiving it, it could almost be compared to what I imagine it would feel like to get out of my basic, sensible Ford Focus and hop into a super swish Porche.

It was so pretty and silky, I was scared to cut into it. So, I made sure to do a few test runs until finally I got the perfect make-up bag, complete with lovely lace zip…

However, not only did I have enough material for the bag, I had plenty left over so started to think about other things I could add to the little Liberty collection for Rach’s mum. With make-up, comes brushes so how about a make-up brush roll…

Make-up to me means pampering, so a little sleep mask to help relax…

And a little bag to stored everything…

And finally, there was even enough left for some good old but very pretty lavender bags to make a nice complete set of goodies…

I hope Rach’s mum likes!

More wedding crafts! Featured on Wedding in a Teacup.

So this week, some of my crafty items went on sale on a brand new wedding website!

Wedding in a Teacup is a really beautiful website selling favours, decor and stationery; not even are these items gorgeous, they are either recycled or recyclable, fair trade or hand made in the UK.

A couple of months ago, after blogging about some lavender bags that I made for a wedding event, I was contacted by Hester (off of Wedding in a Teacup), interested in selling them on her soon-to-be-launching new website. Not only did Wedding in a Teacup sound pretty cute as it was, but after finding out a little more about the items that Hester was planning on selling on there, it sounded fab – just bit disappointed it wasn’t around when I was planning our wedding!

The website launched earlier this week and I think it is probably one of the nicest wedding-related (also very good I’m thinking for gifts!) websites I’ve seen. The design is lovely, instantly giving a feel of the style of items featured.  As for the items, Hester clearly has style and taste in those she has chosen. ‘Of course you’re going to say that!‘, I hear you cry…especially as not just my lavender bags, but bunting and banners also make an appearance, well, I urge you to just see for yourself…

Even our spare wedding napkins gets a little feature, helping to display some very cool pin badges…

Lovely lavender.

The lovely ladies over at Leafy Couture (who provided the flowers for our wedding) have not only invited me to their birthday party/wedding showcase as one of their past brides, but they’ve also very kindly asked if I wanted to put anything in their goody bags, promoting my little craft business! I’ve [obviously] jumped at the chance!

My ‘Emily Carlill’ postcards are currently being printed (designed again by the lovely Rose) which will be goody bag perfect. I also, however, wanted to make something for each of the brides to be at the party, but with under two weeks to the event and not much budget, needed to think of something nice but within these limits. I decided on lavender bags, all different in fabric colour and pattern – just a little something but pretty cute and, if nothing else, make your undies draw smell lovely!

The Wedding Showcase Evening, hosted by Leafy Couture, is taking place on Thursday 6th October at Harewood House.