Annabelle’s Book

You may have seen the post I published a few weeks back featuring Toby’s picture book – well this is similar; another picture book only this time for a little girl.


Annabelle, my friend Jane’s little baby, was 1 year old at the beginning of December (how time flies…it only seems like five minutes ago since I made her quilt for when she was born!). I actually started this picture book at the same time as Toby’s (back in September) but it got put on hold for a few weeks due to my Christmas stocking demand!


I used a combination of pink and yellow fabrics for the pages and, again, like Toby’s I wanted to include a mixture of pictures and quotes, made up of different textures: hand-sewn embroidery, free-hand machine appliqué, regular appliqué, and with both fabric, felt and buttons.


I decorated the front with Annabelle’s name and a little appliqué pic of a girl in a strawberry outfit (as Annabelle had one of these a few months back!).



One to come out on her 18th birthday…



I’ve launched another crafty business…hoorahh!

As if all my crafting is not keeping me busy enough, I’ve only gone and started another craft business…

Myself, and friend (and now business partner) Sam have been in the planning stages for what feels like ages in order to start our business Love Me Sew – which has now officially begun!

Love Me Sew is an online fabric shop selling lots of lovely fabrics chosen by us (they are pretty cute…and it’s taking all my efforts not to create them into something for myself since they are all stored in my sewing room at home!)…please visit our website and have a browse (or, even better, buy!).

It’s been a long time in the making, but we are pretty chuffed with the website. As regular fabric buyers, we know how difficult it is to get that perfect fabric online when you can only see in on-screen instead for real and not having the ability to see the exact colour or feel the quality.

To help make the online shopping experience better for other fellow crafters, like ourselves, we though about what things we could provide to improve this – we came up with the ability to create mood boards – to see what different fabrics would look like together, with the additional advantage of seeing what they make look like as bunting or as a patchwork quilt…

To help people see the exact size of the print and also give others ideas of what to make, we included a ‘Your Creations‘ section – where we are asking people to send us a picture of things they make using our fabric and we will add it to the website, giving a free bundle to the ones we think deserve a ‘star creation’.


As well as the fabric, we are also running workshops, or Crafternoons as we like to call them, for hen dos (one for all you lovely brides who like to look at my blog for wedding inspiration!), baby showers, workplace events, or any other social activity for people who like to craft.

Check out the baby showers…these are our favourites!

So this is just the beginning! We have loads of other things we are working on to develop our business (as well as getting lots more lovely fabric for the website) so I guess it’s just a case of please take a look at the website and follow our blog to keep up with all the bits and bobs we’re doing…exciting times!


Ethan’s Quilt

Bunting is pretty and all but when you have to do such large amounts like 45m, 48m and even 75m, it starts to get a little same-ey.

Which is why, when I get asked to make a one off, something a little bit different, I really enjoy it, especially when I get to be a little creative – within limits of the brief of course!

Remember Emily’s quilt? Well, little Emily’s mum asked if I would make another baby quilt for her friend who had a little boy a couple of weeks ago. Since Emily’s quilt turned out a bit on the large size, we thought smaller – more cot-sized – would be better and the colour scheme was orange, red, yellow and greens to fit with a range the new parents had decorated their nursery in.

I based the size and layout of the quilt on a cute pattern in Cath Kidson’s Sew book – this was to make sure the size of the finished quilt was just right.

On each of the large square patches, I sewed a mixture of pictures including animals, a kite, and a hot air balloon – I drew this out first so I knew where to position them in a way I thought they would tie in together.

I sewed the shapes on using a range of hand sewing, machine zig zag and straight stitch applique, and running stitch by hand using embroidery thread.

In the alternate diamond shapes I used a mixture of lovely boyish printed fabrics, in the same colour pallet, including a yellow train fabric from Riley Blake‘s Scoot range and also ‘Making paper hats’ and ‘On the Go’ designed by Sarah Jane.

All of the fabrics I used on this quilt I will be selling via my partnership business, on my online shop, Love Me Sew, which is due to go live in the next week or two (exciting!) – there are some super gorgeous fabrics…currently stocked up in my sewing room…it is almost the same as holding a plate of chocolate brownies infront of me and saying I can’t eat them!

Anywho, the finishing touch was obviously little baby’s name: Ethan, date of birth and weight.

Like I said I really enjoyed making this quilt as, other than the colour pallet, I was left to just get on and make it how I wanted…which is always nice.

And here is little Ethan…obviously loving his quilt!