Busy week for weddings.

I'll have an E please Bob...

Starting with the arrival of my wedding photos last Tuesday (so still not over these), then came the long awaited, but absolutely no less exciting engagement of one of my best and longest friend.

I can tell her brain is on overdrive already – she has been emailing me random links and photos everyday this week with ideas for the venue, transport, dress, right down to food – she hasn’t even set a date yet! Not that I mind – I am, after all, ‘Creative Director’!

Seriously though, I am so looking forward to this wedding and getting another chance to be involved in wedding decorations. In some ways this is more fun that doing my own as I don’t have to deal with my own indecisiveness or the added pressure of the fact that it was ‘my own’.

I just get Laura to tell me her ideas, anything particular she wants and likes, and using what I also know she is like, I get to do the fun part browsing yet more real weddings on blogs for inspiration, thinking of ideas and hopefully getting the chance to do more diy-ing!
I have already got a pretty good idea of what this wedding is going to be like (a week in and the mood board has already been started!). Two words that initially spring to mind though include: big fun and hearty (actually that’s more that two words but you get the idea!).

Rounding up the week, four pages on and I completed, finally, the Rock My Wedding questionnaire essay-style. How exciting is it that this blog was one I used the most for ideas and inspiration when planning my own wedding, and now my wedding is the one hopefully giving this back to other brides to be –  it is like the wedding circle of life (kind of!). However, writing this was both:

a) Difficult – due to the amount of stuff that we did for our wedding and remembering every detail and everyone that was involved, and making sure my words gave them, and how I feel about the wedding, enough credit.
b) Really nice – because it was lovely to go through it all again and show and tell the world (the wedding world that is) about it and everything that we did. I hope I gave enough information and I hope my write up will help other brides.

Last but not least in the wedding-filled week is an actual wedding – woo! Off to Derbyshire tomorrow to my uni friend’s wedding. Not only am I looking forward to seeing the lovely bride Hannah and catching up with my friends (I might actually get more of a chance to speak to them at this wedding since the last one – my own), it’s good for research purposes. Everyone has different styles of wedding and their personalities should show through in this, I am going to keep my eyes open for lots of ideas!

In other news: this week I have made:

  • a glasses case for my mum (using a variation of a Cath Kidston pattern)
  • fabric letters  – as a test run for a project I have been asked to do but more news on this another time as this post is already a bit long! (It’s been a busy week!)

Glasses Case for my mum's birthday (3 weeks ago!)


Tartan Toppers

I’m busy making some (very rushed) cake toppers as I have the girls coming over tomorrow to celebrate my friend Lindsay’s 30th. I have yet to make the cakes… I actually wanted to make similar things for cupcakes made for our wedding, but made little flags instead out of scraps. Pretty simple – I have added a very amateur ‘how to’ below.

Lovely Linz - cake topper and for real.

But, turns out, after the exciting events of this evening, we have another celebration! One of my best friends has just told me she is engaged! Woop –  didn’t I say I loved a good engagement, I can’t wait to hear the story.

After being with her partner for eight years (I think! It has been so long I have forgotten), she has had plenty of time to think about how she wants her wedding. And, having been friends since we were 11 (that’s a mighty 19 years, jeeze!) I think I know her pretty well so  I think hearing what she has in mind might not come as too much of a surprise but I still can’t wait!

I think it will be a different style to ours but I hope she still lets me make the tartan bunting we have previously discussed (I didn’t get the title ‘Creative Director’ amongst our group of friends/hen-do organising committee for nothing you know!).

How to make simple cake toppers

You need:

  • Cocktail sticks
  • Fabric Glue
  • Fabric – I used tartan – in keeping with the Scottish theme for the B2B (bride to be) and felt.
  • Scissors
I ended up making two different types: one for Linz and another for Laura.
  • Cut desired shape of cake topper – I used hearts cause a) we love Lindsay and b)engagements are obviously all about love. (You need two per topper)
  • I had printed some pictures of Lindsay’s face which I cut out and stuck on top of one of the pink felt hearts. I did the same for the tartan hearts, only this time cutting and sticking a heart shape piece of tartan fabric instead of the picture.
  • Then using the fabric glue, just sandwich a bit of the cocktail stick between the two bits of felt, leaving enough of the cocktail stick to poke into the top of the cupcake.
(Told you it was amateur!)

Tartan Toppers

It started with a proposal.

Of marriage that is. (Although unable to help Hot Chocolate’s ‘It started with a kiss…‘ whirling around my head – I guess this is also kind of appropriate, as the kiss soon followed!)

In fact, almost exactly a year ago today my husband now, boyfriend then, took me completely by surprise and popped the question. From what I have heard about friends or friends of friends, engagement stories usually fall under one of two types:

One: ‘The weird behaviour ‘ – the proposer, tense and acting weird, waiting for ‘the right moment’ and an irritated proposee (caused by said weird behaviour) having some kind of minor argument which results in a big make-up and ‘ta-daa’ production of a ring.

Or two: ‘The standard’ – the generic usually-expected romantic on-a-beach, in-a-posh-restaurant kind of thing.

Knitted Engagement Ring

The knitted (with plenty of glue I'm told) ring.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not disrespecting this kind of story at all, I always love a good engagement, just never thought I could see myself falling under these types, mainly as we never really argue and we only do romance in an quiet introverted, just me and him, kind of way. And, true to form, Pete (the ‘not-excentric-as-such-but-a-little different-to-the-norm’ hubby) didn’t let me down. As one who usually cringes at anything too slushy, not to bore with all the details, ours was actually kind of normal, but at the same time cute, and included a knitted (by Pete) ring, celebrated by a glass of wine and a game of chess – perfect.