Girly Totes

I’ve recently been asked to make a few bags as girly gifts – you can never have too many bags right!

The briefs for the first two were pretty different, reflecting the girl’s styles and loves. One was to be a pretty typically girly type with flowers, frills, shopping and the key important feature…a little black doggie (I even got emailed a photo…always welcome a cute puppy pic!).



And the second bag…guess what the brief for this was? Yep you guessed it – the lady who was to receive it, Amanda, her pride and joy is her cream with a black soft top VW Beetle. Although I’m pretty sure it doesn’t have flower print tyres!


This was probably the most trickiest free-hand I’ve done to date..I had to make a paper template first and cut it all up into small sections. I think, on close inspection, the perspective is not quite perfect but I guess that’s what makes it unique right?



The final two were more similar…for a mum and mother-in-law. Both keen gardeners…



Ava’s Quilt

I was very pleased to be asked to make a baby quilt as a gift for Dominique Bader, the lovely and talented lady who photographed my wedding.

Baby Ava was due in January and, with Samuel – Dominique’s husband – contacting me about the quilt in November, I knew I had enough time to plan and source some lovely fabrics, ready for Samuel to give to Dominique when the little lady arrived in hospital.

I got a bit of an idea about colours and a little list of the couple’s ‘likes’ from Samuel, but apart from that, the only request he made was to have Ava’s name, as well as Samuel and Dominique’s names included.

I’ve always wanted to buy some Heather Ross fabrics as I think they are so beautiful – the design and colours are very subtle and have a fairytale, whimsical feel: the range is appropriately named ‘Far Far Away’. So I used this quilt as a perfect excuse to treat and allow myself to buy some!


On holiday!

On holiday!

With the 1st December, came the arrival of the Christmas orders, craft workshops with my other business ‘Love Me Sew‘ as well as my long-awaited holiday to Berlin. So, with the quilt not needed until January, I decided to leave this on the ‘to do’ list until I came back from holiday…well, that is if you don’t count the sketches of how I wanted it to look, and workings-out of sizes, that I did on the plane home!


Unfortunately for me, babies don’t like to stick to scheduled times and Ava arrived two week’s earlier than expected! Fortunately for me, however, because Samuel is a very lovely customer (and I think was pretty much swept up with how gorgeous his new little baby girl was) didn’t mind that the quilt wasn’t ready in time.

But, a week later, after pretty much sticking to my sketches and the pictures in my head, the quilt was done and posted!



Two of Samuel and Dominique’s ‘likes’ included cycling and dogs (plus the camera for obvious reasons!)…



Samuel was happy, Dominique loved it and I think Ava found it pretty comfy too…


As for me, I think to date, this is one of my favourites and crafty items I am most proud of.

P.S. How gorgeous is Ava! The photo of Ava are taken by Dominique (obviously as they are way better than mine!)

Hot dogs.

Today one of my first official customers received their order…and loved it!

After seeing my doggy oven gloves, that I had made for my aunty a couple of weeks ago on my blog, I was asked if I would make some, as well as an apron and eight napkins to give as a gift to a family member.

The brief was that they really liked Golden Retrievers (which, FYI, would probably be my dog of choice if a) had a big enough house and b) was allowed a puppy! Either that or a Sausage Dog…just because they are so funny!). So I did a bit of digging around on my favourite online fabric shops and whilst I didn’t find any with just retrievers, I did find a nice range to choose from non-the-less.

The winning fabric was the Prestigious ‘Man’s Best Friend’ in Cinnamon… the best choice I reckon as it is not only pretty cute but a perfect weight for the likes of oven gloves and aprons which need to be a bit more hard wearing for all that hot pie making…yum!

I used some nice red and cream ric rac for the trimmings [obv!] and a contrasting red spotty fabric for the lining of the apron and napkin backing. The finishing touches included little labels, of which I made using my logo ink stamp, sewn into the items, which were all wrapped up with matching stickers ready for posting.

The Golden Retriever was given priority above all the other dogs!

Really need to find a better model for these...

Got the Sausage Dog in! Hee hee