Twin Cushions

I was recently asked to make two matching cushions for newborn baby twin girls as their Christening presents. The brief was something quite girly and colourful, decorated with their names.


The two floral fabrics I used were from Dunelm Mill and, as a medium weight cotton, it was perfect for cushions. The two florals were from the same range so, although different patterns, complimented each other – I used one for the front (called ‘Rosetta’) and the other, the striped floral (called ‘Chloe’) for the back.


The other request for the cushions were for them to be decorated with something like little baby booties. I thought my attempts at baby booties might end up just looking like wellies so I decided to do little girl-style shoes instead – a much clearer and more obvious (and cute) shape me thinks!


I used regular machine appliqué for the shoes in a zig zag stitch and straight stitch for the names, hand-sewing a running stitch using embroidery thread around each letter to make them stand out.


Finishing, I added a little pink button to each shoe for the ‘fastening’ and used coconut shell buttons for the back closing of the cushion.

I really enjoyed making these cushions as, while cushions themselves are pretty easy to make it’s the decorating that’s fun!


I’ve got another cushion on my ‘to do’ list and this time it’s for a baby boy so I’m looking forward to thinking of ways to decorate this next one.


Annabelle’s Quilt.

Remember my post in January about learning new skills? Well, here is the first skill (i.e. free hand machine embroidery) in action for real (as opposed to the cute, but quite simple, little cards!)

This is a quilt I made for my friend Jane who had her baby Annabelle in December.


I wanted to incorporate something that was personal to Jane and her husband Marcus which is where the birds come in. Jane and Marcus were married in September 2011 and they had a bird and heart theme to their wedding day (complete with heart and bird shaped cookies as favours that Jane – also a crafty one – made herself!). It’s the birds I am most pleased with on this quilt…


I think it’s pretty safe to say that there is not an ounce on masculinity in this quilt! Jane is a  pretty girly person so I used subtle pastel pink and green floral and spotty fabrics for the colours, and edged the whole thing in super pretty lace binding (which is a very exciting new discovery for me!).


However, knowing he is an enthusiast, just for Marcus I added the little scooter (sorry it wasn’t bright red Marcus like your actual scooter, but that wouldn’t have matched my colour scheme!)


The layout of the patchwork is very similar to Ava’s quilt that I made around the same time as this, but with more subtle and fewer colours, and the centre panel is different, being personalised to the new mum and dad and their baby.


I also, as I mentioned, wanted to try out my skills in free hand machine embroidery! It was a bit risky and, at first, I thought it was looking a bit messy but now I’m so pleased I did, as I think (if I say so myself!) it looks fab! I’m sure I will be featuring free hand a lot more in my work (hopefully seeing some improvements)…it is, after all, the ‘crack cocaine of the sewing world‘ according to Kirstie Allsopp!





Emma’s Quilt

Another quilt post…this one I made for a little girl’s first birthday.

I was asked for similar colours that I used on Millie’s owl…green and a pop of bright pink – pretty but not too baby-ish so that it can keep on being used as little Emma gets older.

The quilt was a little bigger than a normal cot quilt as it’s aim was to fit a single bed. I was also told that, with Emma’s room being quite small, this and some matching bunting were going to provide the main colour to the room, which is a lovely idea.

The quilt did start out being just made up of squares but because I like to make things more complicated for myself…ahem…I mean more ‘creative’…I used a pinwheel style pattern (not sure if this is the official quilting term, I just think they look like pinwheels!). I alternated this with blocks of the bright pink spot to make it less fussy and more youthful.


I really liked how this turned out…it’s cool.

Jumping on the Great Baking band wagon.

I very rarely watch TV…in fact, I actually don’t even know how to turn it on (ask Pete…this is the honest truth!). However, I do make an exception for The Great British Bake Off (and even then I watch it on iplayer!) – it’s my weekly treat.

It seems, like sewing, that baking is yet another good ol’ tradition that has come back around in popularity and ‘trend’. I personally love baking…I just wish someone would give me a few more hours a day to be able to fit it in.

Anywho, I reckon because of this rise in baking (ha ha, rise, get it…oh dear!), I have been asked to make a number of aprons of late – both for adults as well as children…

A cute retro-style half pinny customised with name and age (there is a little 21 in the small heart…if you can see!)

The other apron I made for a fellow Dominique Bader bride – check out her wedding here – beeeeaaaauuuutiful!

Hannah contacted me to make an apron and oven gloves for her friend who loves baking…and sausage dogs (who doesn’t!).

(Note to self: must find a better way to photograph these aprons!)

And of course – the token children’s apron…everything’s cuter made in size mini…

Happy baking everyone! (Please save me some cake…)

It’s all about the name.

I’ve made plenty of personalised things before, and they are still proving popular – I guess if you are having something made from scratch, to your preferred spec, then why not?

Lately I’ve made more bunting but this time it’s all been about the names…

Hannah’s bunting was made to match her freshly painted bedroom and her favourite colour.

This next set of bunting I was asked to make as I new baby present – complete little lady’s name, Lucia, and embroider her date and time of birth, and weight. Although this is a gift for a little baby, I was asked to keep the colours and prints not too baby-ish, so it can be kept and used as she grows up…