Brogues for Baby Barney

I haven’t made much new to shout (or post) about lately as before Christmas I was really busy with Christmas stockings and Santa sacks…those that I made last year were even more popular this year! I didn’t want to post about them, however, as pictures and descriptions of these are already on this blog, my Instagram and Pinterest (ahhh Pinterest, how I love you so, but…note to self: be more prepared for the influx of your own enquiries this year, it’s not just you that uses it!).

This time last year was all new with the arrival of my baby, but it’s all change and new routines again this year with returning to work and Jesse starting nursery. So, after having a little bit of a break after the stocking making, for the first ‘make’ of the year, I eased myself in gently with a gift for another new arrival.

Remember my Twin cushions? No, well, as I little reminder I made another of these just before Christmas as a Christening gift.


I adapted this cushion for baby Barney who arrived at the beginning of January. For the cushion cover I used a blue medium weight Japanese cotton/linen fabric printed with mini robots, bought a little while back from an Etsy shop. The lemon spot is also an Etsy purchase. Etsy is brilliant for finding fabric when you have a specific design, style or colour in mind, there is a great range to choose from.


Picking out the colours of the robot fabric, a matched fabrics to make up the letters of his name, first machine appliqueing these, then hand sewing a running stitch around each letter with embroidery thread.


I change little Mary Jane shoes with a button detail, that I’d sewn for the girl’s cushions, to mini brogues to suit a little boy. I hand drew the brogues, using roughly the same outline as the Mary Janes, to get a similar shape and size, adding the parts of the shoe by layering up the tan and blue coloured felt pieces, and machine and hand sewing the stitching detail, finishing them off with embroidery thread laces.


There is alway got to be something I’m never fully happy with; on this cushion it’s the right shoe, but I think this is just me being picky! Overall, I think it’s cute and I think will become a regular on the list of gifts for baby boys (hopefully perfecting the shape of the right shoe!).



Rose’s Hand-printed Cushion

I hear what you say…‘cushion! Booorrrinng!’ 

Ok so I’ve made many a cushion, most I haven’t bothered posting about as, nice as they may be, there is just nothing that special about them, a cushions a cushion right?

Right! But this, my most recent one is special – to me anyway as it’s my first ever attempt at block printing where I designed the print, cut the block (and my hands!), and printed the fabric…all that before cutting and sewing it into a cushion cover.

I decided to make this for my friend Rose, who is a fan of cool stuff and likes and appreciates how things look (being a graphic designed and all!). I made it for her birthday/house-warming pressy. I went with a palm tree design to match her very funky wallpaper in her new living room.

First off I drew the design onto a piece of parchment paper, then magically transferred it by rubbing the back of the paper onto the lino block (I was pretty impressed with how well this technique worked!).

The next step was to work out how the blade worked and start to chip away around the design…this was quite fiddly and cost me quite a bit of skin off my fingers! (hence the glove…note to self: invest in a hand guard!). Once this hard work was done, many an hour late, the fun messy bit began.



Before I jumped in a printed onto my lovely linen, I practiced on some scraps of fabric to test amount of paint and to see if I’d cut away well enough. After a bit of practice and a few amends to the block, away I went…

IMG_1114 IMG_1116 IMG_1115

Once all the fabric was printed, I left it to dry for a day before the easy part – sewing it together to make the cushion cover.


I even added coconut buttons (appropriate!)


I may have used a easy shape and soft cut lino but I was super pleased with my first attempt, and whilst it may not be the most complicated thing I’ve ever made it certainly is the most ‘hand-made’.

The weekly ‘Made’ round-up.

So I decided, as of today, to post a weekly round-up of everything I make; this is to actually see if I ever go through a week of not making things (I wondered if this is even possible!), including snaps (some sneak peak ones to prevent surprises being ruined) from my mobile.
Sometimes there may only be one thing, others many. And, not all sewing…

Week commencing…Monday 13th May

Rose’s cushion – more on this another time.

Wedding Ring cushion for next DIY post on Boho Wedding Blog.

A ‘Mr and Mrs’ banner from an order received of the lovely ‘Wedding in a Teacup’.

A fabric heart as a small wedding gift.

Baby bib.

Oh, and some Lemon and Poppyseed cupcakes…Yum!