Patchwork Stockings

It’s not even December and I’ve made eight Christmas stockings so far, and I have another two on the ‘to do’ list for this week!

A little different from the Christmas stockings I made a couple of week ago, these don’t just have one design decorating the front, but many being made up of lots of patchwork squares in a range of different fabrics in Christmas-themed colours.


The main thing in common though is that all the stockings, like most of my items, are personalised. However, this time I hand-embroidered the names instead of using fabric applique which I think looks better on these as would have been too fussy other-wise (plus ‘Sebastian’ would have been quite difficult to fit on in cut out fabric letters!)


I trimmed the cuffs in both crochet trim for the girls and pom pom trim for the boys.


I made these stockings in a slightly different way and, on these, instead of the hanging hoop being sewing into the cuff, I hand-sewed them on at the end after the stocking was finished, but decorated them with a cute button. I also hand-stitched a running stitch around the top of the stocking.

All of these three stockings are for little ones born this year who’s siblings received them last year, adding to the family collection hanging up on the fire-place. I hope they keep and re-use them for many years to come.


Christmas is coming…now taking orders.

I’ve just finished my first order of Christmas stockings of the year, and about to start on another…you people are getting organised early!

This recent order, I have to admit, are my favourite stockings to date.


I made these for the lovely Sarah of Leafy Couture who did the most amazing flowers for our wedding a couple of years ago. She asked me to make these for her two little ones: Lily and Elliot, and nephew Finn.

The main stocking is made from a cream cotton linen fabric, with the toe, heel and cuff in a red spotty linen blend – whilst these fabrics are not on the cheap side, using quality fabrics really makes such a difference in the overall finish, and are sure to be much more longer-lasting.


They are fully lined and include a wadding inner to make them nice and padded. These stockings measure 51cm in length and 28cm in width (around the top of the stocking) – nice and big for Santa to fill with treats!


Whilst keeping all the stockings matching in size, basic colours and style, I’ve personalised each with their names (also in cream cotton linen), edged in a hand-sewn running stitch, on the cuff. On the fronts of each, I appliquéd a cute Christmas design in felt and fabric on the front, with additional hand-embroidered elements such as the Gingerbread Man’s bow and icing, and the Angel’s halo, hair ribbons and dress decoration.


Each have a vintage cream and red gingham loop to hang over the fireplace on Christmas eve.

Word in from Sarah on receipt of the stockings...’Emily you are ridiculously talented, they are beyond perfect, thank you so so so much!’…I think she liked them!


So, if anyone else is getting organised early, and would like a personalised Christmas stocking like these for your loved one, please do not hesitate to contact me (