More wedding crafts! Featured on Wedding in a Teacup.

So this week, some of my crafty items went on sale on a brand new wedding website!

Wedding in a Teacup is a really beautiful website selling favours, decor and stationery; not even are these items gorgeous, they are either recycled or recyclable, fair trade or hand made in the UK.

A couple of months ago, after blogging about some lavender bags that I made for a wedding event, I was contacted by Hester (off of Wedding in a Teacup), interested in selling them on her soon-to-be-launching new website. Not only did Wedding in a Teacup sound pretty cute as it was, but after finding out a little more about the items that Hester was planning on selling on there, it sounded fab – just bit disappointed it wasn’t around when I was planning our wedding!

The website launched earlier this week and I think it is probably one of the nicest wedding-related (also very good I’m thinking for gifts!) websites I’ve seen. The design is lovely, instantly giving a feel of the style of items featured.  As for the items, Hester clearly has style and taste in those she has chosen. ‘Of course you’re going to say that!‘, I hear you cry…especially as not just my lavender bags, but bunting and banners also make an appearance, well, I urge you to just see for yourself…

Even our spare wedding napkins gets a little feature, helping to display some very cool pin badges…


Stocking Fillers

My graphic designer pals would cringe at this Photoshop attempt!

Six weeks to go and it’s full steam ahead in the attic-turned-Santa’s workshop. Donning my red suit and jingly shoes (aka red hoody and fluffy slippers), I’ve been non stop working on orders for Chrimbo.

This means, however, I’m going to have to add a few blog fillers as I can’t actually show you anything as it’s all top secret in case crafty gift receivers (read this how you will, a-la Eat Shoots and Leaves, it could potentially fit either way!) happen to stumble across this post. So instead, while I am still making the odd non-Christmas pressy thought I would post these and a few extra random bits!

I’ve just finished this little banner I’ve made as Christening gift for my client, complete with scraps bag (i.e left over fabric…remember scraps are not scraps in my book!).

I’m creating quite a little collection now of banners and bunting that I have recently made; some as gifts, some for my wedding fairs, and some for the soon-to-launch online wedding boutique: Wedding in a Teacup, that will be selling my items. The latter being a new little exciting project for me but I will tell more when it’s live!

The must have accessory.

Inspired by a Dolly Parton song called ‘Coat of Many Colours’ which, just the other day, we were lucky enough to see performed live by the great lady herself, which is about a coat of rags that Dolly’s mum made for her when she was a little girl and became her most precious possession, I decided to make some little precious things out of rags myself.

Well not exactly rags, just scraps of fabric left over from making bunting and a couple of banners.

My latest projects have been making bunting for Kennedy’s Food Store, a deli and cafe bistro in Dublin, and two birthday banners: one with Happy Birthday and the second spelling ‘Annabel’, the little birthday lady herself.

After finishing these, with a comb of Dolly songs in my head, wanting to give my customers a little bit extra as a thank you for ordering from me, and the fact that I hate to waste anything…especially beautiful fabric, I decided to make little bunting bags to tuck my bunting away safely when not in use…it is this season’s must have accessory!