Pocketful of Petals

Having a baby boy means that I get massive clothes envy. I love buying clothes my son, but whenever I’m shopping I like to have a wander around the whole of the baby clothes section, not just the boy’s! Girls’ clothes are just so gorgeous…and you get so many more varieties of styles, fabric and colours.


When my nephew, Jacob, was born I had the intention of making baby clothes. Jacob is now three years old and has yet to receive an item to wear! I struggle to think of many items to make for boys that I would actually dress them in, other than perhaps a funky printed shirt (and I’ve been a bit scared of attempting these).

Girls, on the other hand are much easier…dresses, skirts, pantaloons, tops…pretty much anything looks good in florals, spots, stripes, animals or other children’s printed fabric. (And simpler to make than a shirt!).


So I was pleased to be asked to make a skirt for a two year old little girl, Eva, with matching bag…well, every lady needs matching accessories!
A girl’s skirt with elasticated waist band is quite straight forward to make, however; I wanted my skirt to have a flat waistband at the front, to give it a neater look than those that are elastic all the way around the waistband.

SONY DSCThree practice skirts later, and I had measurements and the ‘know how’ in order to make the skirt I wanted; including a neat flat front waistband, elasticated in the back to allow to pull on and off and fit with ease, and ties to fasten into a pretty bow at the back.


The fabrics I used were light-weight cotton with a small bright pink and orange floral print for the main body of the skirt, and contrasting pink and white spotty for the waistband and skirt edge; both from The Eternal Maker.

I also added a cute gathered pocket with embroidered flowers to the front of the skirt.


I loved this skirt. The only problem is that, to date, I can only make it in size age 2…and unless I figure out other sizes, my new born niece is going to have to wait a couple more years until I can make one for her! As for Jacob and Jesse, they are just going to have to wait until I get around to attempting shirts!


Bloomin’ marvelous!

As mentioned in my previous post, my crafts at the minute are all about the babies.

I’ve always wanted to be able to make clothes, and am very jealous of people who can. I took a few courses a little while back but I think it’s one of those things that, for me, needs lots of time and practice (of which I seem to very quickly run out of!)

However, when my sister was pregnant, I asked for a baby clothes making book for my birthday with the intention of getting back into clothes making and creating a whole wardrobe for the arrival of my little niece or nephew.

Unfortunately (or fortunately) for my nephew Jacob (now over a year old), being born in the same year as my wedding…he would be still be toddling around in just his nappy if it wasn’t for good old M&S or Mothercare filling the hangers my intentions never did!

Anywho, when I did get around to finally dusting down the baby clothes book, this time it was for a friend’s little baby girl – which actually turned out for the best as some of the patterns for boys in said book were pretty hillarious. For little girls though, there were plenty of cute outfits…but which to choose?

I decided on a cute little tunic top and baby bloomers…


Those bloomers look even cuter when your model is the very pretty lady herself…Seren.

photo (67)(Ps, this pic was taken in summer, Seren is not being made to show off her outfit in the cold!)

Maybe if I scale these bloomers up (a lot!) it could be a step on the way to getting back on the way to making clothes for myself….hmmm, or maybe I will just stick to the baby clothes for now!