Eve’s Quilt

This one has been long overdue! Why is it family get put to the bottom of the list? Well, I’m sorry to say, this has been the case for my sister’s little ones. Whilst many of my good friends have received baby quilts for their babies, be it as a first birthday gift or [time allowing] a newborn gift, they’ve still received one before my own blood!


My niece Eve has just turned one and in the run up to her birthday, I was determined to get this one made. My sister is a big fan of Belle and Boo and has various items to decorate Eve’s nursery with. As a surprise for her birthday (well, I guess mainly for my sister…pretty boring pressies for a baby!) from my parents, Eve’s grandparents, I was asked to make curtains, bunting and a cushion using the Belle and Boo fabric.

And to add to this was my quilt made up of the Belle and Boo fabric and a range of matching others. Picking colours of fabrics that matched was the tricky part! I choose a range of Riley Blake fabrics from my local fabric shop in Leeds that matched various colours in the main fabric: pinks, teals and orange/red.


On seeing a previous quilt (Annabelle’s I think), I remember Alex, my sister, said she really liked the birds so I wanted to include these.
I wanted to feature bunnies and a little girl to tie in with the Belle and Boo print. The bunnies I’ve sewn similar before but the little girl and the tree were a new design. Her face is a little more serious than I would have liked though.

The middle square’s feature is obviously Eve’s name and that’s how I wanted it – to stand out, but alone, it would have looked a little lonely so I’ve framed ‘Eve’ with pretty flowers and cute little bumble bees. The majority of the designs I’ve created with free-hand machine applique which I think, especially for the girl and bees, would have been the only sewing style that would have worked.




So that’s it, it’s finally made. Now I just have my Nephew’s to do – Jacob has waited almost four years for his so sure he won’t mind waiting a little longer!



Tiana’s Quilt


My most recent quilt was for Tiana, my friend Kal’s little girl, who was one year old this week. Tia and Jesse have been the cutest little friends in their first year together whilst Kal and myself hung out lots on our maternity leave, taking walks, attending baby classes, sharing baby worries and funnies and, most of all, eating a lot of cake!

The colours I chose for this quilt – pink, turquoise, orange and red, I think are perfect for Tia: girly, gorgeous and bright. They are all by Riley Blake, that I got from my local, and favourite, place to get fabrics: B&M fabrics, who are located in Leeds Market but have also just opened a second shop on the outside of the market selling designer prints…I’m a regular visitor!


I used a pinwheel pattern for the patchwork around the edge, Tia’s name in the middle, surrounded by some appliqué lotus flowers: a symbol for prosperity, fertility, eternity, and eternal youth.





Unlike the quilts I’ve made previously, where I’ve sewn the designs using either regular appliqué or free-hand machine appliqué, for Tia’s I couldn’t quite decide which; so I used both!



As well as machine quilting the pinwheel patches, I hand stitched a running stitch around each of the nine centre patches using embroidery thread of alternating colours. I love doing this stitch as I think it really adds an extra bit of detail.

The orange floral fabric that surrounds the centre panel also backs the entire quilt and I’ve edged it in cream lace binding (which I love using on girly quilts).





Patchwork Prop

A little while ago a friend on mine, Andy who is a photographer (of Lawson Wright Studios), did a little favour for me and photographed some products and lovely styled images to use for my other partnership business: Love Me Sew. Here is one of his image…pretty eh!

Anyway, in return for these photos I made them a patchwork quilt to use in the studio when doing baby photography.
I made one side suitable for girls with girly florals spots and colours, and the other side more for boys.

I stupidly forgot to take photos of the finished item, but having seen the quilt in action in ‘proper’ photos, I don’t think it really mattered…
IMG_1233 IMG_2542IMG_7113 _MG_4937c

Check out Andy’s other work (weddings and babies) over on his Facebook page and also at their studio’s ‘Lawson Wright Studios’ Facebook page.

Emily’s Quilt

Not me Emily! This was a quilt from one Emily to another; usually I am making things at the request of others but this was a project I wanted to do as a gift from me.

I wanted to make a quilt for my friend’s, Ellie and Mark, who were due to have a baby in January. I’d already previously made the baby quilt that is featured in the Cath Kidston ‘Sew’ book for my niece, Emma, which is lovely but wanted to do something a bit different.

Using bits from both the Cath Kidston ‘Sew’ book as well as ‘Material Obsession: Contemporary Quilt Design’ by Kathy Doughty and Sarah Fielke (my new favourite book!) I decided to combine the pattens and draw up my own…which took quite a lot of workings out!

One of my other reasons for not doing the Cath Kidston baby quilt was that it has little birds and elephants that need to be sew on by hand which I didn’t fancy as it is quite time consuming…so, instead, I decided to design a quilt which had way more hand sewing! (Go figure!) But, as I said in my previous post, once I set my mind on something I have to complete it!

My quilt had over 20 hearts and 48 mini hearts that all needed to be hand sewn! If this wasn’t enough, I wanted to use a quilting stitch (by hand!) around each of the hearts, as well as some embroidery in the centre part of the quilt.

Baby Emily arrived on 16th January 2012. Whilst I wanted to make the quilt girly using hearts and flowers, I tried to stay away from too much pink. I combined lots of lovely floral fabric in a whole range of colours and the result was perhaps a little crazier than I thought it would turn out!

I embroidered the very centre panel with Emily’s name, birth weight and birth date.

I’m happy with the finished product (I like crazy colours!) and I think this will suit little Emily as a baby, a little girl and even as a young teen. A lot of hard work, hours and love went into this little project and it is totally a pleasure; I met baby Emily just over a week ago and she is absolutely precious.

Unfortunately, I didn’t actually get the quilt finished for when I planned on visiting. I couldn’t go empty handed! So, as a temporary pressy, I quickly whipped up a little owl taggie, and posted the quilt a week later.