The weekly Made Up

Week commencing: Monday 20th May
A little later than it should have been, here’s last week’s Made Up…

Retro pinny – an example for promo’ing my up and coming Love Me Sew crafty workshops.
Tote bags – another example for more Love Me Sew workshops.
Seven baby bibs.
A doll…the trial run before making [probably many] changes so they’re good enough for pressies!


Baby Gifts

Over the past couple of months I’ve made lots of little gifts for new babies so I thought I would share a few.

Baby name bunting (with bunting bag).
This bunting was made for a little lady called Mia. As her name is quite short, I added a few extra flags on each end with an applique flower.

Baby Pinafore.
I was asked to use fabric with owls for this little dress. I found this totally gorgeous fabric on Ebay, it’s actually designed for an American company Joann, This is one of the loveliest fabrics I have ever worked with; it’s a pink/lavender coloured flannel (so lovely and soft for the little baby) with a small owl, bird and bird house print.

Cot Tidy
I guess this is more of a pressy for the new mum, but it is still pretty cute…and very practical!
My customer, Nat, asked me to make her boyfriend’s sister a new baby pressy, so I suggested this – a cot tidy that hangs on the cot and can be used to store essential items like nappies, cream, wipes, toys etc…everything to keep baby happy.
Nat didn’t want it to be too girly but still cute enough for a baby. In the end we went for an aqua blue cotton/linen blend fabric for the body of the tidy – a heavier weight and harder wearing to support those nappies and bits and bobs, and we choose Riley Blake’s Alphabet Soup, lined with the aqua stronger fabric, for the pockets which I decorated with ric rac and lovely wooden buttons. And, of course the little baby’s name!

And, of course, the ever popular aprons…
These, my bibs, and pandas are the most popular items so far.

Ben’s Apron

Just a little post to show you a cute apron, of which I was especially pleased with the results. I actually made two of these for little boys as Christmas pressy; both who really love farm animals. Although still pretty cute, it differs from the others I’ve made in the past as it is less girly. The fabric I used was Riley Blake’s Farm Fresh; both the farm yard animals on the front and the spots on the reverse and for the pocket on the front (exciting news about this fabric and others coming soon! Ooooh).

Instead of embroidering his name, which I think can also look quite girly, I used Bondaweb to hold the chunky fabric letters in place and used embroidery thread instead to stitch around the edge.

Below is Ben’s apron. The other little lad, Rhys, who I made the apron for, I’m told by his mum, has been wearing his for every activity!

Cupcakes for Christmas

Everyones loves cupcakes, and with cupcakes comes baking, and with baking comes aprons of course!

I’d consider myself well practiced in making adult aprons, but I recently made some mini aprons for two little ladies for the first time. I was asked to make two aprons for little girls whose mum loves baking as a nice Christmas gift for them. The brief was cupcakes, and they had to be identical with their names on the front.

I sourced some perfect fabric from the Etsy shop, Sakizome, which came all the way from Singapore, for the main apron. For the lining and pocket I used some cute pink gingham.
Because the names of the little girls, Lily and Mia, are quite short, I had enough space to also add a little cupcake picture – after drawing these out first, I then embroidered them onto a little rectangle panel of apron fabric that I then sewed onto the pocket, which I also edged in pink ric rac to make it prettier (you can never have enough pink for little girls!).

SInce making these, I have another two little girl aprons the same as these to make, and two little boys (with farm animal fabric which is equally as cute), in time for Chrimbo – best get [Christmas] cracking…

Not just another apron…

This weekend I have been making yet another apron for a customer (the lovely Di), however, this one is little different from my previous makes and also, with this one, I got to be a little bit more creative!

The brief was: just a half pinny (do other people use this word or is it just one from my childhood?), and vintage-looking prints: ‘she likes Cath Kidston‘…who doesn’t! And finally, it needed to be a little bit more personal with the name of the lady who will be receiving it as a gift.

I’ve had the most lovely floral fabric, that I bought a few weeks ago, just waiting to be used on a project like this. So, using this for the main apron, I then used contrasting fabrics (spots and more florals) for the pockets, ruffle trim and waist band, and jazzed it up with crochet trim and ric rac.


I embroidered Shauni’s name on the pocket followed by a smaller ‘Love Cats’ (the name of the shop giving this apron as a leaving gift.) I am pretty pleased with the results (in fact, I’m thinking of making another for myself).I hope Cats and Shauni love it too.

It’s not all about the dogs.

Whilst I love dogs, it’s probably a good thing that I broaden my range of aprons.

My friend and colleague Charlie asked me to make her an apron for her mum’s birthday. As there are only a few things you can really do to jazz up a basic apron [still making it usable], like Charlie, her mum likes stripes, so I used a nice cream, red and navy striped ticking fabric, popped a pocket decorated with red crochet trim (my new favourite trimming!) on the front and…ta da… pretty yet practical.

This post is also for Charlie as she won’t see the apron in real life until her mum opens her birthday gift, as it’s all tucked up in tissue. So here it is…hope you like x

And for anyone who still likes the dogs, you can see them on my gallery.

Hot dogs.

Today one of my first official customers received their order…and loved it!

After seeing my doggy oven gloves, that I had made for my aunty a couple of weeks ago on my blog, I was asked if I would make some, as well as an apron and eight napkins to give as a gift to a family member.

The brief was that they really liked Golden Retrievers (which, FYI, would probably be my dog of choice if a) had a big enough house and b) was allowed a puppy! Either that or a Sausage Dog…just because they are so funny!). So I did a bit of digging around on my favourite online fabric shops and whilst I didn’t find any with just retrievers, I did find a nice range to choose from non-the-less.

The winning fabric was the Prestigious ‘Man’s Best Friend’ in Cinnamon… the best choice I reckon as it is not only pretty cute but a perfect weight for the likes of oven gloves and aprons which need to be a bit more hard wearing for all that hot pie making…yum!

I used some nice red and cream ric rac for the trimmings [obv!] and a contrasting red spotty fabric for the lining of the apron and napkin backing. The finishing touches included little labels, of which I made using my logo ink stamp, sewn into the items, which were all wrapped up with matching stickers ready for posting.

The Golden Retriever was given priority above all the other dogs!

Really need to find a better model for these...

Got the Sausage Dog in! Hee hee