Tom and Helen’s Wedding

Everyone loves a bit of rustic hessian and lace! Especially Helen and Tom who asked me to make a runner for their top table (19ft no less!) and table mats for their wedding back in August.

Simple but oh so pretty! And WOW, what a wedding…Helen was kind enough to send me some pics of their day including the tables complete with my mats and runners – how lovely is this…

Tom & Helen-371 Tom & Helen-478 Tom & Helen-482 Tom & Helen Tom & Helen-701 Tom & Helen-475


Emily’s Wedding

Earlier this year I was asked by the lovely Emily to make some items for her wedding due to take place in July after she [quote] ‘was a massive fan of my work! [unquote] <—how lovely!

Having set a sooner date than she anticipated, Emily bombarded me with lots of questions and asked me if I could make for her various items including: the wedding party’s ties, cake bunting, mini cake people, and a table runner all to tie in with the pretty colour scheme of cream, white and dusky pink with hints of fuchia.

Swapping conversations and pictures of colours, dresses, Emily herself and husband-to-be, amongst other things, I set to work sourcing fabric and other materials to be able to get started on making these items with time to spare before their wedding day.

Lovely dusky pink colour ties – total 7 plus an extra little one for Emily’s 12  year old son.

SONY DSC SONY DSC Added a little later to the order included a matching garter and hand-sewn label (something blue) to sew inside of Emily’s dress.


I used photos Emily emailed me to make sure I had little details such as the dress, hair piece, and eye colour to add to the mini cake people – I actually really enjoyed this as the last time I did some of these cake people was my own wedding (plus it makes a nice break from the sewing!).

SONY DSC SONY DSCA few weeks later and everything was made and ready to post. Emily was really happy, which is always brilliant to hear as weddings as such an important and personal day to someone…

“Just collected the package you sent from the post office! Am totally overwhelmed by how amazing everything is. So proud that you’ve made beautiful bits for my wedding! Thanks so much for your hard work.”

Emily returned from her honeymoon a few week’s ago and was kind enough to send me some snaps of her day.

The lovely bride and groom…

IMG_4050 Cake bunting and mini Emily and Martin…


The handsome men modelling their ties…

IMG_5274I’m so please you had a perfect wedding day Emily and Martin, it was a pleasure being able to make these pieces for such a lovely couple.

From one DIY bride to another…

That was me, a DIY bride, almost two years ago now (woweee how time flies!) and that’s how all of this craftiness got started…

As a crafty bride I made lots (!!) of things to decorate our wedding day in all kinds of hand-made loveliness. Since then, I’ve gone on to make lots more wedding crafts for other people, and also lots of non-wedding related crafty items (as shown on this blog!).


I’ve also reduced my hours as my normal day job to pursue a craft-related business with my friend and business partner, Sam Lowe. Together we make up Love Me Sew, creating Craft Packs to sell as well as fabric and running craft workshops.


DIY Wedding Workshops!
With our workshop experience as Love Me Sew, and with my experience of making many a wedding crafts, it was only natural that we combine the two to bring you DIY wedding workshops! (Of course, so obvious, I don’t know why we didn’t do it sooner!)

Wedding Event with A Difference, 14th April
The first of these I’m pleased to tell you will be at the very lovely ‘Wedding Event with a Difference‘ hosted by Save the Date on Sunday 14th April; a wedding fair I actually exhibited at in 2011 (you can read my little write up here!). This time, however, Sam and I will be running craft workshops for other DIY brides! We will be showing them how to make lovely fabric flowers…which can be used for table decorations, bridal bouquets or button holes.
Even if you are not a crafty bride, I would still really recommend this fair – it’s so different from another other wedding fair that I remember going to as a bride-to-be and features a fashion show as well as some brilliant and unique exhibitors. You can find out more about the fair and buy tickets (including our craft workshop) at the Save the Date website.


The Flax and Twine, York, May and June.
Throughout May and June, Love Me Sew (aka Sam and Me!) are also running a series of three workshops in the luuuurrvly Flax and Twine in York. The dates and crafts are: ‘Mr and Mrs’ bunting on 18th May, ‘Wedding Decorations – Garlands and Pom Poms’ on 25th May, and , ‘Brides and Bridesmaid purses’ on 1st June.
To book onto these workshops, please visit The Flax and Twine’s website.


I’m sure these won’t be the last of the wedding workshops this summer so please keep your eyes peeled and check out our Love Me Sew website for a list of events, or follow us on Facebook and keep up to date with everything we are doing.

For me, I’m just happy to show others the little tricks of the crafting trade to make their very own DIY wedding, and love it as much as I loved mine!

A Summer of Weddings – Part 2

As the dark nights loom with the approaching autumn, now is a perfect time to put an end to my summer of weddings (in decoration terms that is!) .

So following a very busy summer for me, here is the sequel to the, obvious-but-appropriately-named, my ‘A Summer of Weddings – Part 1‘…

More pretty bunting (obv!)

Love these prints – it’s so vintage looking and colourful (love a bit o’ colour)

The brief for the next 40m set of bunting was ‘just like your wedding’ – which was a lovely compliment really as I thought ours was a pretty mixed bag of colours and pattern but clearly [in my eyes] the most beautiful…

Here is some personalised ‘Mr and Mrs’ bunting in action at this super gorgeous wedding of the beautiful couple Anne and Andrew (the purple bridesmaid bags below were also for the equally gorgeous bridesmaids).

Cute little hessian and lace cake topper – for the lovely Lisa…of the other half of Matt Brown Photography fame.

And loads of bridesmaid pressies…(including the old favourite lace purse)

A Summer of Weddings – Part 1

As summer continues (if you can call it that), in true British spirit we never get disheartened by the dull sky and drizzle, instead we endeavour to make our lives and important events as beautiful as ever – with weddings leading the way!

A year on since the beginning of my little venture of helping to make other weddings as lovely as I thought mine was, I’ve been bombarded with email requests for bunting, table runners, cake bunting, napkins, bridesmaid bags, banners, ties and more – it seems hand-made and personalised weddings are [and rightly so!] as popular as ever.

Whilst I have already posted about some (and have some more on the way), I thought I would include a collection of items that perhaps don’t need their own feature but I feel still deserved some air time.

More meters and meters of bunting….

Why have hessian runners when you can have mats…with lace! I think these turned out really beautiful…amazing what a difference a little bit of lace can add – rustic yet so pretty.

More mini-cake bunting…always cute!

The following runners and napkins I made for the lovely Charlotte of Rock My Wedding fame who used them in her styling of the wedding shoot: ‘The RMW Stepford Wives – Alex, Celine and Some Rough Luxe’.

Wedding season has arrived…

As mentioned in my previous post, I’ve been pretty busy with orders for weddings and one of the first was just delivered to the bride…

A whopping 75 meters of bunting and 42 meters of table runners!

Lisa, the lovely bride-to-be, contacted me at the end of last year after visiting my little blog site, to enquire about table runners and bunting for her wedding in April 2012, with which she was planning on aiming to create a similar vibe to our own rustic, marquee-style wedding.

With a colour scheme brief of sage green, pale country rose pink and ivory, I set to work on sourcing some fabrics, making sure Lisa was happy with my choice before cutting into it. With Lisa’s good choice of colours, it wasn’t too difficult to find some florals and spots which looked lovely together.

Once the bunting fabric was decided and the hessian for the runners ordered, the snipping, ironing and sewing got underway.

I worked on this project over a number of weeks (not constantly! Inbetween other, smaller orders, as well as working my normal job) and, while it was a large order and took a lot of time, I did it in small chunks and it was great to see it coming together at the end (even if I did have a slight panic when I ran out of green stripe and couldn’t find anywhere that sold it!).

All boxed and ready to got (hessian runners complete with little ‘Emily Carlill’ lables telling Lisa how long each of the runners were) to say thanks, I added in a couple of little heart decorations with some of the left over bunting fabric and embroidered some words, which I thought Lisa and her h2b might want to use also at their wedding.

I hope they have a great day and look forward to some photos.

More wedding crafts! Featured on Wedding in a Teacup.

So this week, some of my crafty items went on sale on a brand new wedding website!

Wedding in a Teacup is a really beautiful website selling favours, decor and stationery; not even are these items gorgeous, they are either recycled or recyclable, fair trade or hand made in the UK.

A couple of months ago, after blogging about some lavender bags that I made for a wedding event, I was contacted by Hester (off of Wedding in a Teacup), interested in selling them on her soon-to-be-launching new website. Not only did Wedding in a Teacup sound pretty cute as it was, but after finding out a little more about the items that Hester was planning on selling on there, it sounded fab – just bit disappointed it wasn’t around when I was planning our wedding!

The website launched earlier this week and I think it is probably one of the nicest wedding-related (also very good I’m thinking for gifts!) websites I’ve seen. The design is lovely, instantly giving a feel of the style of items featured.  As for the items, Hester clearly has style and taste in those she has chosen. ‘Of course you’re going to say that!‘, I hear you cry…especially as not just my lavender bags, but bunting and banners also make an appearance, well, I urge you to just see for yourself…

Even our spare wedding napkins gets a little feature, helping to display some very cool pin badges…

Stocking Fillers

My graphic designer pals would cringe at this Photoshop attempt!

Six weeks to go and it’s full steam ahead in the attic-turned-Santa’s workshop. Donning my red suit and jingly shoes (aka red hoody and fluffy slippers), I’ve been non stop working on orders for Chrimbo.

This means, however, I’m going to have to add a few blog fillers as I can’t actually show you anything as it’s all top secret in case crafty gift receivers (read this how you will, a-la Eat Shoots and Leaves, it could potentially fit either way!) happen to stumble across this post. So instead, while I am still making the odd non-Christmas pressy thought I would post these and a few extra random bits!

I’ve just finished this little banner I’ve made as Christening gift for my client, complete with scraps bag (i.e left over fabric…remember scraps are not scraps in my book!).

I’m creating quite a little collection now of banners and bunting that I have recently made; some as gifts, some for my wedding fairs, and some for the soon-to-launch online wedding boutique: Wedding in a Teacup, that will be selling my items. The latter being a new little exciting project for me but I will tell more when it’s live!

Lovely lavender.

The lovely ladies over at Leafy Couture (who provided the flowers for our wedding) have not only invited me to their birthday party/wedding showcase as one of their past brides, but they’ve also very kindly asked if I wanted to put anything in their goody bags, promoting my little craft business! I’ve [obviously] jumped at the chance!

My ‘Emily Carlill’ postcards are currently being printed (designed again by the lovely Rose) which will be goody bag perfect. I also, however, wanted to make something for each of the brides to be at the party, but with under two weeks to the event and not much budget, needed to think of something nice but within these limits. I decided on lavender bags, all different in fabric colour and pattern – just a little something but pretty cute and, if nothing else, make your undies draw smell lovely!

The Wedding Showcase Evening, hosted by Leafy Couture, is taking place on Thursday 6th October at Harewood House.

Polaroids – the easy way

As well as the Pom Poms, our polaroids have been pretty popular and received a lot of comments from people wanting to know how to do these after our wedding featured on Rock My Wedding.

Since it was Pete who made these, I asked him to write up a little how to…

Well, I guess the easiest way would be to use a polaroid camera, but here’s how to adapt your photos into cool vintage polaroids.

These polaroids were great as personalised placecards and as hanging decoration.

Here’s a simple how to.

You need:

  • Lots of photos – get stalking Facebook!
  • Poladroid
  • Something to edit your photos – I used the built in Preview on the Mac but Windows Live Photo Gallery or Paint will do just as well.
1. Preparation
  • If you’re creating lots of polaroids, arrange your photos into folders – this helps you to sort through the polaroids for printing later on.
  • Open Poladroid and set the preferences – I preferred it without blur effect to give crisper photos, having stripes on the paper gives it the proper polaroid feel and vignetting puts the faded border round the picture that gives that instant processing look.
  • Finally, set it to save your polaroids in the same folder as the original file, then all the organising you’ve done won’t be wasted
2. Get snappin’
  • Start dragging in your photos. Poladroid only takes ten at a time, then you’ve got to shut it and reopen the program again. If you get bored waiting for the photos to process, you can shake them about on the screen to speed up the process, just like a real polaroid!
  • Now to check how your photos turned out. If your polaroids all look fine, you’re done! Otherwise if a couple need editing, carry on to part 3.
3. Editing your photos
  • The majority of my pictures came out fine, but a few needed editing – the image that comes out of a polaroid camera is almost square, so if you’ve got portrait oriented photos that are taller than wide, it may end up chopping people’s heads off! Similarly if you’ve got photos where the subject isn’t in the middle, you may need to edit those.
  • Here’s one that has a lot of background to edit out. Open your original photo in your editing program, select an area slightly higher than it is wide, and crop the photo – it doesn’t matter that it’s not the exact shape of the polaroid, Poladroid will sort that out for you. Save your photo and pop it back through poladroid.

You’re done! I made around 150 of these, and it took me a couple of evenings.”

Thanks Pete x