Boobs and Bums

That got your attention didn’t it! (Plus probably lots of unwanted searches!) Anywho, today’s post is not about sewing or fabric crafts, but it is no less creative because of it.

I’ve always loved just doing stuff! Trying new things, attending courses; I don’t think a year has gone by where I’ve not been enrolled in a course or two of some kind. It started when I was young with horse riding, karate, playing the piano, and playing the oboe in the school orchestra.

There seems to be a gap, a suspicious lack of activity, actually when I went to Uni…

Back on it after graduation with scuba diving, sign language and [very briefly!] spanish, then in the latter years, during my time in Leeds, there was a noticable shift towards arts and crafts including upholstery, sewing (obv!) and life drawing (plus a bit of swing dancing and squash thrown in for good measure).

I remember really enjoying art at school and thinking back, don’t know why I didn’t continue it in my higher education…I guess I just thought it wasn’t a ‘real’ subject at the time deciding to go for [yawn] sciences. I don’t think I was too shabby at it either.

I picked it up again (all those years later) by attending an evening Life Drawing course at the Leeds College or Art and Design. The tutor was great and it was a really relaxing thing to do after a day at work; it’s one of those things where you get totally absorbed in looking, drawing and not thinking of anything else at all.

I’ve kept most of my pictures, not wanting to throw them away, but they’ve just been gathering dust until now. As you can see most are unfinished, having only a short time to do them…that and the fact that I can’t draw heads, hands or feet…so, some are a little odd!

There are some men in the pile too, although I have to say, I do prefer drawing women…the have much nicer curves!

This next one was stuck on my kitchen wall for a little while…which freaked people out a little when they came to visit!

I went to an event last week, a networking life drawing event ran by Chilled Events which got me back into a little bit of drawing and inspired me to write this post. The following drawing is one of my favourites (still no face though!) and one I did at last week’s session.

I wonder what activity I will take up next…