For my wedding I made two sets of bunting each about 60 meters long, so I’m pretty well practiced! Since the wedding, I am continually being asked to make more for shop decorations, parties, nurseries as well as weddings. Clearly bunting is loved not just me.

I would happily make bunting to any specification: colour, style, or theme.

Would you like some bunting?
If you are interested in buying some bunting for a wedding, party, event, or just to hang in your house or garden, please contact me. Feel free to tell me any specific ideas of what you would like and what you are using it for so I can get an idea of how much. If you know you want some bunting, but unsure of what style, get in touch and I can help suggest some ideas.

How much does it cost?
My bunting costs £6 per meter (plus p&p if required). Minimum order of 3 meters.
This amount has been calculated taking into account the number of flags per meter of fabric, the amount of fabric per meter of bunting, and time it takes to make bunting. I would be happy to provide a full breakdown of material cost if requested.

How much do I need?
That’s up to you. It depends where you want to hang it (marquee or bedroom for example) and how you want to hang it (i.e. around the edge of a room or across the middle). If you have a big venue and are unsure how much you might need, contact me and I can advise (myself and the hubby did all the calculations for our own wedding and it worked a treat!)

About My Bunting
Choosing fabric: I like to use a range of lovely different fabrics.
Flags: Each flag is 22cm long and 19cm wide. Two pieces of fabric are cut, carefully stitched together, turned the right way round, then pressed to neaten.
All coming together: The flags are stitched together using bias binding, measuring each flag as I go along to make sure they are evenly spaces. I like to leave approximately 50cm at the end of each row of bunting so there is plenty to use as ties when hanging.

Other bits of info
Washing and Usage: Your bunting is fine to wash if gets a little grubby and can be used over and over (until it falls apart due to it being well loved!). I wash all the fabric before I start to make the bunting to get rid of any shrinkage first.


2 thoughts on “Bunting

  1. Hi Emily,

    My name is Sarah. I have a Cafe Deli Bistro in Dublin and I’d love to get some of your pretty bunting to doll up an area that needs that extra lift….your bunting is soooo pretty! I need 7 metres in total…..what would the euro cost be and when could I expect delivery?

    Kind regards

  2. Hi,
    I cannot express how beautiful your bunting is!! We are after having some bunting for our wedding. It’s in a marquee in June and we don’t have too much of a colour theme, except my other half is wearing a navy blue cravat. We are going for quite a traditional rustic theme, vintage crockery etc so I’m guessing we’d be after more pastel or floral colours. However we are open to suggestions and options!!

    Our date is the second of June 2012 down in south Devon and we are after 45m ish! We would like to hire rather than have some made as it probably won’t get used again by us!! So could you please let us know a quote of how much it is to hire, as well as terms and conditions and that.

    Many thanks,
    Rachel Elliott

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