Pretty Pastels

Well it’s been a while since I’ve made anything, other than the odd bit of bunting here and there, so it was lovely to get back into things with these pretty bags…

SONY DSCI made this first bag for my friend Rose who was 30 a few weeks ago, but it was a kind of joint birthday/wedding pressy (she is honeymooning it up as I type!)
SONY DSCI used a mint green duchess satin under the ivory lace to coordinate with the colour of her bridesmaid dresses.
The ribbon, sewed to the lining which reads: ‘to have and to hold, from this day forward, is available from the lovely Wedding in a Teacup, who I also make lavender bags for. I thought this added a nice little wedding related touch.
SONY DSCAs an extra, I also added a bronze chain that matched the purse frame, which I think gives it a more vintage look, and allows Rose to use it either as a little bag or clutch.

The next set of bags I made for Susie, a bride getting wed in Ireland at the end of June, as gifts for her bridesmaids.

She sent me a photo of her beautiful bridesmaid dresses (and a sneak peek at her wedding dress…eeek!) which were all a different pastel shade: one lilac, one mint green and one nude.
Susie asked if I’d make all the bags the same colour, similar to that of the nude coloured dress, again with the ivory lace.

I found a gorgeous shade of nude/beige duchess satin to use for the main bag, and lined them all with a super pretty pale pink floral fabric.


I was so pleases that the bride I made these for like them so much she requested another two; one for herself and one for her mum. I hope her maids like their gifts.


4 thoughts on “Pretty Pastels

  1. Emily, this was such a lovely gift to receive! You are so talented. I got loads of comments! (be expecting a few orders!!) Its so beautiful and I will treasure it forever! Was a perfect match to the dresses! Thank you. x

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