New year, new beginnings.

Happy new year crafty followers! Any creative New Year resolutions?

2014 is going to be a less crafty (more crazy) year for me as Mr C and I are expecting our first baby in a few weeks time. You may think I have been working away over the past nine months in my attic/sewing room creating bunting, bibs and other baby-related crafts for our bundle of joy…hmmm that was the intention!


The bump at 36 weeks.

Four weeks to go and I have made nothing for us…nada! Partly due to finding the time (there is very little me time between two works and constantly having sewing on the go for other people…creating things for other people’s babies mainly!), but probably in most part because, in a way, there seems more pressure to make the perfect things for my own baby; not helped by the fact that I am very indecisive and like lots of different styles!

What I have done is browse Pinterest and become overwhelmed by all the gorgeous baby styles, nurseries, and clothes, frantically pinning everything I loved but showing no correlation in terms of similarity! I think the problem is that I like too many things!

However, lucky for me, the majority of these above mentioned limitations have been removed; I am now on maternity leave (hurrah!) = more time (for now)! And by being donated various baby furniture from our family, some style decisions have been taken out of my hands.

Baby C’s nursery is only a very small room which also helps as it can only fit so much in it. Here is a glimpse into it how it’s kind of looking so far…

nurserymood copy

Top row: Trogen Blue chest of drawers (Ikea), basket storage solutions (via Pinterest), Cinnamon sting lights (Cable and Cotton), Green Baby Lapin lamp (Lapin and Me).

Middle row: Scrapbook Soft rattle toy (Mammas and Papas), Blue Cloud Paper Ceiling light shade (This Modern Life), Black and White Puppy Dog soft toy (Jelly Cat via Amazon), On the Farm knitted stripe baby blanket (Joules via Amazon), Handmade Felt Badger Rug (Sew Heart Felt), ABC Animal Print (Holli Shop, Etsy)

Bottom row: Animal World Map Canvas (Not on the High Street), Faux Fur Throws (image via Pinterest), Byholma Basket chair (Ikea), Grey Star Pram Suit (Marks and Spencer)

Whist most of these items are blue-ish in colour and perhaps more on the boyish side of things, we do not know our baby’s flavour but I’m not a pink person anyway, didn’t want to go with neutral which I, personally, find a bit boring and just for going with the things we like, this is how it’s turned out – I’m sure baby won’t mind!

The felt badger rug (which is totally ace) was one of Pete’s random (but good!) purchases, as was the animal world map canvas…we never intended on having an animal theme but I think it’s definitely leaning this way. But my most favourite thing is the Lapin and Me Green Baby Lapin Lamp – I’ve lusted over this a while, not being able to justify the cost (especially when there are more essential baby items to be bought first like, say, nappies!) but then to my pleasant surprise, my parents bought it me for Christmas…I think it’s safe to say it’s not everyones’ taste but I love its quirky retro-ness and how a lamp can have such personality.


So this is where we are at for now. But I have plans – oh yes! Plan for the coming weeks to make a few bits and bobs (let’s see how that pans out!)…

I’ve just received some gorjusss bamboo fleece from Plush Addict which I intend to make some dribble bibs and, if there is enough left, to use as a backing for a pram blanket. You can’t tell from the picture how soft it is (I may have snuggled my face in it on removal from the packaging!) and it is a natural fabric so will be kind to baby’s skin. Plus, Plush Addict pop a little Maoam sweet into the order – if this is not some kind of bribery for repeat custom I don’t know what is (works for me!).


Through my obsession with Pinterest, I’ve also come across a few DIY tutorials or nursery decor inspiration which I’m planning on giving ago, including…

Mobile via Craftiness is not optional. I love anything that hangs; lights, bunting, garlands etc and one thing we haven’t got for the nursery yet is a mobile. I love this cute mobile tutorial from Craftiness in not Optional.

balloon mobile

Or this super cute simple cloud mobile tutorial I found on We G Three


Felt Pom Pom Garland. Talking of garlands, I love these as an alternative to bunting. And so simple, check out the tutorial on Oh Happy Day.


Cushions. Following on the cloud theme, I’ve been drawn to these cute cushions which can’t be too difficult to recreate myself and I think will look fab on my Ikea basket chair…(Or, if all else fails I can just buy these from Petit Home.)


I’m also planning a patchwork quilt (fabric currently en route!) – this is going to be slightly different to those personalised ones I made in the past for friend’s babies but I will post about that once the fabric has arrived and I’m a bit more decided on how it’s going to look.

Anything else and I don’t thing there will be room for baby!


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