Ahoy there!

I’ve been making a few cushions of late which I quite enjoy as it’s a little like making a picture; the making up of the cushion is easy, it’s the design on the front that takes the thinking about.

Like my cushions I posted a few weeks ago, for two twin baby girls, this cushion was for a new born baby boy. The theme was nautical to match his nursery.


I bought the fabric for the cushion from Etsy; it’s a linen cotton blend which I think is more hardwearing and suitable for home furnishings. I wanted something relatively plain coloured with a bit of pattern so this fits perfectly.

SONY DSCThe front I decorated with a fabric applique boat, and add a few personal details such as little Harry’s name in big red felt letters on the flag, his birth date on the sail (in a format normally seen on sailing boats) and in small embroidery I’ve named the boat after him: H J Robinson.


The boat is quite a simple shape so I included a few extra details such as applique clouds, and hand-sewn waves and birds. On the spotty blue background, anything else would have been a bit too much. Finishing it off, I trimmed the whole picture with red and cream gingham ribbon which I think ties in all the colours quite nicely.

My friend Elena, who I’ve made a few bits for in the past for her cutie of a daughter, Emily, asked me to make this for her friend’s new baby. On receipt of this cushion, Els forwarded me her friend’s response…

‘And we had a beautiful package through today!!! Oh my god, the cushion is beautiful! Did you know I liked the nautical theme?! If not fantastic choice! It’s absolutely gorgeous and of course goes so well in his nursery!’

Always lovely to know my crafty items are liked and I hope this adds a little special something to baby Harry’s nursery that will make family Robinson think of Els (and hubby Mark and their little lady Emily) and their kindness.



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