Emily’s Wedding

Earlier this year I was asked by the lovely Emily to make some items for her wedding due to take place in July after she [quote] ‘was a massive fan of my work! [unquote] <—how lovely!

Having set a sooner date than she anticipated, Emily bombarded me with lots of questions and asked me if I could make for her various items including: the wedding party’s ties, cake bunting, mini cake people, and a table runner all to tie in with the pretty colour scheme of cream, white and dusky pink with hints of fuchia.

Swapping conversations and pictures of colours, dresses, Emily herself and husband-to-be, amongst other things, I set to work sourcing fabric and other materials to be able to get started on making these items with time to spare before their wedding day.

Lovely dusky pink colour ties – total 7 plus an extra little one for Emily’s 12  year old son.

SONY DSC SONY DSC Added a little later to the order included a matching garter and hand-sewn label (something blue) to sew inside of Emily’s dress.


I used photos Emily emailed me to make sure I had little details such as the dress, hair piece, and eye colour to add to the mini cake people – I actually really enjoyed this as the last time I did some of these cake people was my own wedding (plus it makes a nice break from the sewing!).

SONY DSC SONY DSCA few weeks later and everything was made and ready to post. Emily was really happy, which is always brilliant to hear as weddings as such an important and personal day to someone…

“Just collected the package you sent from the post office! Am totally overwhelmed by how amazing everything is. So proud that you’ve made beautiful bits for my wedding! Thanks so much for your hard work.”

Emily returned from her honeymoon a few week’s ago and was kind enough to send me some snaps of her day.

The lovely bride and groom…

IMG_4050 Cake bunting and mini Emily and Martin…


The handsome men modelling their ties…

IMG_5274I’m so please you had a perfect wedding day Emily and Martin, it was a pleasure being able to make these pieces for such a lovely couple.


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