Hexies rule!

I’m a BIG fan of patchwork and, when I make my little patchwork quilts,  although they are probably not massively technically skilled in quilting terms, I always like to add something new or try a new pattern or style.
I wrote a post right back at the beginning of the year (seriously, how is it May already!) about how this was going to be the year of learning new skills…well, here is my go at another. I love hexies and have wanted to try them out for aaaages!

I knew that they were going to be time consuming, so I decided to start small; I trial ran the hexies by making a small needle case for my Auntie.


The great thing about this is that I got to use random gorgeous piece of fabric from my scraps box and pick out specific parts of the fabric print (like the little pin wheel and bear).


I know this is teeny tiny but it’s my first step to the next [bigger] hexie project…I’m scared!


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