New year, new skills.

Instead of getting bogged down with the ‘churning out’ way of working I seemed to have been doing the past year and half, in order to just cross things off the ‘to do’ list and make sure they are done in time, I have decided this year to take on board the wise words of Mr C who keeps telling me…’more haste, less speed‘.

This comment is usually in response to me having a mini melt-down over some finished personalised item that I was proud of until the heart dropping realisation I’ve spelled said person’s name incorrectly! (Seriously, you’d think I’d learn from just doing this the once…not me, think I’m on melt down number five or six at least!)

I’ve realised if I take more time to think about what I am making and to learn new techniques, my items may be more interesting to make as well as how they look, and could also save me time in the long run. Plus, I may finally try a few things I have wanted to try for ages!

Free Hand Machine Embroidery. The first of these new techniques is free hand embroidery. I love the way free hand embroidery looks. I’m always doodling and l love the rough look style of sketches so, combining this and a sewing machine…what could be better? Last year I took a workshop in free hand machine embroidery and found it was surprisingly easier than I thought it was going to be. However, I never actually got around to trying it on my own projects until a few weeks before Christmas. I entered a competition advertised on The Sewing Directory and won a Free Hand Machine Embroidery book, hoop and threads which kick started me on my way…

I’ve started small, making cards for friends… New Home, Anniversary, New baby and birthday…







I’m currently working on a baby patchwork quilt for a friend on which I’ve taken the risk and used free hand embroidery to personalise and decorate it…I like how it’s coming along but that’s for the next post!

I still have more things I want to have a go of so (depending on how they turn out!!) I’m sure to be featuring them in future posts.


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