Jumping on the Great Baking band wagon.

I very rarely watch TV…in fact, I actually don’t even know how to turn it on (ask Pete…this is the honest truth!). However, I do make an exception for The Great British Bake Off (and even then I watch it on iplayer!) – it’s my weekly treat.

It seems, like sewing, that baking is yet another good ol’ tradition that has come back around in popularity and ‘trend’. I personally love baking…I just wish someone would give me a few more hours a day to be able to fit it in.

Anywho, I reckon because of this rise in baking (ha ha, rise, get it…oh dear!), I have been asked to make a number of aprons of late – both for adults as well as children…

A cute retro-style half pinny customised with name and age (there is a little 21 in the small heart…if you can see!)

The other apron I made for a fellow Dominique Bader bride – check out her wedding here – beeeeaaaauuuutiful!

Hannah contacted me to make an apron and oven gloves for her friend who loves baking…and sausage dogs (who doesn’t!).

(Note to self: must find a better way to photograph these aprons!)

And of course – the token children’s apron…everything’s cuter made in size mini…

Happy baking everyone! (Please save me some cake…)


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