Wedding season has arrived…

As mentioned in my previous post, I’ve been pretty busy with orders for weddings and one of the first was just delivered to the bride…

A whopping 75 meters of bunting and 42 meters of table runners!

Lisa, the lovely bride-to-be, contacted me at the end of last year after visiting my little blog site, to enquire about table runners and bunting for her wedding in April 2012, with which she was planning on aiming to create a similar vibe to our own rustic, marquee-style wedding.

With a colour scheme brief of sage green, pale country rose pink and ivory, I set to work on sourcing some fabrics, making sure Lisa was happy with my choice before cutting into it. With Lisa’s good choice of colours, it wasn’t too difficult to find some florals and spots which looked lovely together.

Once the bunting fabric was decided and the hessian for the runners ordered, the snipping, ironing and sewing got underway.

I worked on this project over a number of weeks (not constantly! Inbetween other, smaller orders, as well as working my normal job) and, while it was a large order and took a lot of time, I did it in small chunks and it was great to see it coming together at the end (even if I did have a slight panic when I ran out of green stripe and couldn’t find anywhere that sold it!).

All boxed and ready to got (hessian runners complete with little ‘Emily Carlill’ lables telling Lisa how long each of the runners were) to say thanks, I added in a couple of little heart decorations with some of the left over bunting fabric and embroidered some words, which I thought Lisa and her h2b might want to use also at their wedding.

I hope they have a great day and look forward to some photos.


4 thoughts on “Wedding season has arrived…

  1. Just finished my first DIY project for my own wedding in August! Your blog has given me so much inspiration so thank you!! Would love your feedback on my first attempt at wedding decorations…recycled candle holders! 🙂 Pictures are on my blog @

  2. Hi Emily, just saw your hessian table runners on RMW! Any advice on where I could source some, having trouble finding decently priced stuff for the UK… Thanks and I love your blog!

    • Hi Nathalie, glad you like the blog 🙂 I would recommend ebay for cheap hessian and cutting it up yourself. Or, if you haven’t the time I can help provide them 🙂

      • Would you deliver to Switzerland? I’m actually still torn between table runners (for 15 round tables) and chair sashes/bows…is it madness to want 150 hessian chair bows for end of august?

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