Possibly the world’s longest pyjamas!

One of the best things I think about sewing, and making things in general, is being able to really personalise something.

Over the past few months, I’ve made and blogged about a number of things that I have personalised with names including: bibs, Christmas stockings, panda teddies, and aprons; items that were given as gifts for children and new born babies.

However, more recently, I was contacted and asked to make something that was bespoke made for a different reason! After seeing my post late last year about some pyjamas I’d made for a friend, my customer Louise emailed me to see if I would make some for her dad who has real trouble finding some to fit…well, with a 41inch inside leg, I’m not surprised!

Not being overly familiar with the inside leg measurements of men’s trousers, at first I didn’t comprehend how tall Louise’s dad must be. It was only when it was Pete pointed out to me that his inside leg measurement is 32 inches! After double checking with Louise, she confirmed that her dad was indeed 6ft 8″ with very long legs but still has a slim waist; and has difficulties in shops who generally think: long legs, large waist.

So, after having to cut out the fabric on the floor (as my table wasn’t big enough), I finished the PJs – I hope he likes!

They're almost as tall as me!


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