Stockings or Sleeping Bags.

Before Christmas I had quite a large order for six stockings. I decided not to use Christmas-themed fabric, as I sometimes think it can look a bit on the cheap side, instead I choose fabrics I had little bits of, remnants I guess, all in red or green colours to make patchwork stockings. Not only do I love patchwork, and the brilliant effect a total random mix of fabrics (some that totally clash) can make; it is so satisfying to get use out of some gorgeous fabrics that have been left over from making a larger item – I hate wasting anything!

So, even though the pattern and style for each stocking was the same, they all still looked different, and each one is totally unique. Again, as many of my Christmas pressy items, these were personalised with the little person’s name; the four girls: Myla, Jessica, Annabel and Phoebe and two boys: George and Caelan. As well as embroidering their names I added a little Christmassy themed picture including a Christmas tree, holly, and a little bird with mistletoe.

The girl’s stockings were easy; floral prints are a great addition to the red checks, spots, and stripes, and I used ric rac, crochet trim and pom poms for the trimmings. The little boys stockings were slightly trickier trying to avoid florals, so instead I replaced these with some not-very-Christmas-related-but-still-really-cute green elephants, and the other cowboys, and limited the trim to ric rac and pom poms – which make anything look fun!

Here’s George’s…ready for some present action…

For some of these little people, it was their first ever Christmas stocking! And they are still so tiny, they could even double as a sleeping bag…


1 thought on “Stockings or Sleeping Bags.

  1. I totally agree about not using Christmas fabric but patterned fabric in the right colours. The little tiny bird with mistletoe is beautiful – as always! I bet they are going to be treasured for many years 🙂

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