One piece of beautiful fabric.

A few week’s ago my friend Rachael asked me, if she bought the fabric, would I make her mum a make-up bag for Christmas, as she had not found one she liked. ‘Of course I will, post it up’ I said.

Now, I’ve never sewn with Liberty fabric before, just stared lovingly at their website sighing and thinking ‘ah, one day…’, but on receiving it, it could almost be compared to what I imagine it would feel like to get out of my basic, sensible Ford Focus and hop into a super swish Porche.

It was so pretty and silky, I was scared to cut into it. So, I made sure to do a few test runs until finally I got the perfect make-up bag, complete with lovely lace zip…

However, not only did I have enough material for the bag, I had plenty left over so started to think about other things I could add to the little Liberty collection for Rach’s mum. With make-up, comes brushes so how about a make-up brush roll…

Make-up to me means pampering, so a little sleep mask to help relax…

And a little bag to stored everything…

And finally, there was even enough left for some good old but very pretty lavender bags to make a nice complete set of goodies…

I hope Rach’s mum likes!


1 thought on “One piece of beautiful fabric.

  1. The mother loved it!! although she may not get to keep the make up brushes purse- i love it!! she also loved the fact that she is talked about on a website?! xxxx

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