Just the cutest baby bibs.

On my trip to the Knitting and Stitching Show last month, I finally caved into my love obsession with Japanese fabric designers from the likes of Kokka and Lecien. On seeing them in real life (as opposed to on the internet), I couldn’t resist and spent a small fortune on a few fat quarters. What I was going to use it for, was then, not known.

Luckily, since then I’ve had some request for baby-related items including three bibs, all with names. This time, however, unlike the little bib set I made for baby Jessica a few week’s ago, I decided to back them with terry towelling for extra absorbancy (perfect for those little dribblers).

So, not only do the three little cuties get to wear some fluffy drool-friendly and personalised bibs, they are also going to look super trendy in the most gorgeous of fabrics.

Finlay has animals…

Olivia has circus animals (decorated with ric rac!)…

And George has Pinocchio…

I also had enough of this beautiful fabric left for more patchwork panda’s that I’ve been asked to  make…coming soon on the blog (I think they are the cutest so far!)

Also, I will have some news in the new year about these fabrics that I am super excited about!


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