Getting ready for winter.

Leaving work in the dark, doubling up on scarves, and a hot water bottle for bed means, for me, winter has definitely arrived!

With this in mind, as well as you-know-what looming (dare we mention the C word!), I decided to add to the list a few things that will prepare us for the cold weather. The first being a little quilted hottie (a perfect Chrimbo gift for the girls!)…

And the second some comfy PJs. I actually made these for my friend Sarah who is just about to move into a lovely big old farmhouse, so these may come in handy before the heating kicks in. I used some super soft brushed cotton tartan material (perfect PJ print!). I am planning on attempting a shirt for myself with the left overs (watch this space for that one!)

Complete with little Sah doesn't forget who made them 🙂

And here they are modelled by the lovely Lindsay (Sah was a little camera shy).


1 thought on “Getting ready for winter.

  1. After extensive weekend trialling and testing (aka slobbing & relaxing) I can confirm that the pj’s fit perfectly and are 100% comfy comfy comfy… As well as being super gorgeous! Thanks moo, I LOVE them x x x

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