Lots of little purses.

Yesterday I posted about my upcycled-skirt-into-a-purse which I was pretty pleased with for reasons two fold…a) as it’s recycled and b) cause it’s pretty cute and allowed me to find the perfect pattern for this type of purse frame.

So, plenty of attempts, four more of these, and another four of a different style of purse later, a now have a little range to display at my wedding fair next week..

 Loved these bows so much I decided to make two – the black and pink one is actually a gift my sister asked me to make for her friend Kitty (as well as some oven gloves – see the cupcake and ric rac ones on the gallery).

 A very girly one… Lovely lace…The next few are a different style, but I think I prefer the shape and colour of these frames; they have a bit more of a vintage look.  The next little bag was made out of the left over material we bought as the ‘extra panel’ for my sister’s bridesmaid dress to accommodate for the baby bump! It’s such a gorgeous glam colour so I decided to dress it up with lace, a little matching fabric flower and some jewels.
 I put some little labels in the lining…

I love the next fabric as it is so decided to leave it just as that without any trimmings.
This next one I think though is my favourite! It’s the one I like to call ‘The Cath Kidston Wannabe’.

And the whole range (so far!)


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