Not just another apron…

This weekend I have been making yet another apron for a customer (the lovely Di), however, this one is little different from my previous makes and also, with this one, I got to be a little bit more creative!

The brief was: just a half pinny (do other people use this word or is it just one from my childhood?), and vintage-looking prints: ‘she likes Cath Kidston‘…who doesn’t! And finally, it needed to be a little bit more personal with the name of the lady who will be receiving it as a gift.

I’ve had the most lovely floral fabric, that I bought a few weeks ago, just waiting to be used on a project like this. So, using this for the main apron, I then used contrasting fabrics (spots and more florals) for the pockets, ruffle trim and waist band, and jazzed it up with crochet trim and ric rac.


I embroidered Shauni’s name on the pocket followed by a smaller ‘Love Cats’ (the name of the shop giving this apron as a leaving gift.) I am pretty pleased with the results (in fact, I’m thinking of making another for myself).I hope Cats and Shauni love it too.


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