My attempt at screen printing.

So i’ve just returned home from my second screen printing lesson. Last week we learn’t the basics of the screen printing process but this week we got print our own art work.

Well when I say ‘own’ art work, by that I mean our own images – for me I still have to attempt my actual own designs! I decided to have a go at printing a photo (from our pre-wedding photos from Dominique Bader), a nice wedding card given to us from my sister (one of those nice Rob Ryan cards), and some of my branding designed by the lovely Rose.

I thought I would share my first go (apologies for the poor quality of photos – a result of the combo of rubbish phone plus the fact that my screen printing is pretty poor also)…

My aim (or hope is probably more accurate) of learning screen printing is to eventually have a go at designing and printing my own fabric…i’ll keep you posted!



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