The must have accessory.

Inspired by a Dolly Parton song called ‘Coat of Many Colours’ which, just the other day, we were lucky enough to see performed live by the great lady herself, which is about a coat of rags that Dolly’s mum made for her when she was a little girl and became her most precious possession, I decided to make some little precious things out of rags myself.

Well not exactly rags, just scraps of fabric left over from making bunting and a couple of banners.

My latest projects have been making bunting for Kennedy’s Food Store, a deli and cafe bistro in Dublin, and two birthday banners: one with Happy Birthday and the second spelling ‘Annabel’, the little birthday lady herself.

After finishing these, with a comb of Dolly songs in my head, wanting to give my customers a little bit extra as a thank you for ordering from me, and the fact that I hate to waste anything…especially beautiful fabric, I decided to make little bunting bags to tuck my bunting away safely when not in use…it is this season’s must have accessory!





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