Hot dogs.

Today one of my first official customers received their order…and loved it!

After seeing my doggy oven gloves, that I had made for my aunty a couple of weeks ago on my blog, I was asked if I would make some, as well as an apron and eight napkins to give as a gift to a family member.

The brief was that they really liked Golden Retrievers (which, FYI, would probably be my dog of choice if a) had a big enough house and b) was allowed a puppy! Either that or a Sausage Dog…just because they are so funny!). So I did a bit of digging around on my favourite online fabric shops and whilst I didn’t find any with just retrievers, I did find a nice range to choose from non-the-less.

The winning fabric was the Prestigious ‘Man’s Best Friend’ in Cinnamon… the best choice I reckon as it is not only pretty cute but a perfect weight for the likes of oven gloves and aprons which need to be a bit more hard wearing for all that hot pie making…yum!

I used some nice red and cream ric rac for the trimmings [obv!] and a contrasting red spotty fabric for the lining of the apron and napkin backing. The finishing touches included little labels, of which I made using my logo ink stamp, sewn into the items, which were all wrapped up with matching stickers ready for posting.

The Golden Retriever was given priority above all the other dogs!

Really need to find a better model for these...

Got the Sausage Dog in! Hee hee


6 thoughts on “Hot dogs.

  1. Really cute products! Are you going to start offering these products through your blog (or another website)? Just curious. Let me know if you do because I can put a link on my blog.

    • Yes absolutely! I will happily make whatever people like, I will soon be adding a price list for various items but my products are not limited to this – I will happily take requests. Thanks so much for you comments, and it would be great if you could link to if from your blog – very cute by the way x

  2. Hey Emily,
    This is Becca who was at the same sewing class as you in Leeds – glad to see you’re using the skills Mummy taught us! Just wanted to say that your blog is ace, lots of lovely things. I need to find myself a friendly designer to prettify my blog!
    Also, had a few qs about the things you made here. Where did you get the neck tie for the apron you made? And when making the oven gloves, do you use several layers of wadding inside? x
    ps – love the hot dog!

    • Hello! Lovely to hear from you and thanks for my comment. Can’t say i’m using Mummy’s skills though I’m afraid – think I learnt more self-teaching! 😉 The neck tie is cotton twill – I got a roll of it off tinterweb but I actually saw similar think in Samuel Taylors the other day but all in different colours. For the oven gloves, yeah I double the wadding just as one layer is quite thin so wouldn’t prob work too well. I know a lovely friendly designer who is brilliant – she did all my stuff but you can see her work at – let me know if you want me to put you in contact 🙂 I’m off to check out all the lovely stuff on your blog…

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