Save the date…

So a few people have been asking how we did our Save The Date – another easy and cheap DIY. Here’s another tutorial from Pete…

“To make the save the dates, you have to first need to make the signs…We painted our signs but I guess you could print some out, or just hold up plain pieces of paper an add the text on the computer.

Next, take four funny pictures! It’s best to take your photos against a plain wall so that they look most like a photo booth.




When you’ve got your images, You need to make them square. You can crop them in Paint on Windows or Preview on the Mac.

To arrange the photos into the photo booth shape, you could do it in a graphics programme, but Word will do just as well. Open a new Word document and just drag your images in.

In order to arrange the images freely in Word, you need to stop them being fixed to the text. Right-click on the image, choose Format Picture and under either Layout or Text-Wrapping (depending on your version of Word) and then choose Behind Text.

Now that you can drag your pictures around, re-size them all to about a fifth of the width of an A4 page and then drag the four pictures above each other, leaving a gap between each one and a bigger gap at the top and bottom.

To get the most out of your paper, copy the four images across so you’ve got five lines next to each other, and you’re done!

Print them out on photo paper for that photo booth feel, and you can always print something on the back if you want to put some more text.”


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