Recognise these…

Remember this sofa, and the cushions I was asked to cover, that I mentioned in my ‘Project Scabby Sofa‘ post a little while back…

Well, I unpicked the (very dusty!) old cushion covers and removed the zips and tags that attached the cushions to the sofa, using the old covers as a template to cut new fabric.

Stinky old sofa cushions.

The fabric I use was Globaltex Tilly Fabric in Powder Blue, which is suitable for curtains, blinds and more hard-wearing items, so perfect for these cushions – plus the vintage style and colours matched the new refurbished shop.

I re-used the zips and made sure to put the tags back in the correct place so the cushions would attach to the sofa properly.

However, not content with just the pretty fabric, I decided to attach some jumbo ric rac (my favourite trimming of the moment!) around the edge to jazz us the cushions too, and here is the end result…


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