New Arrival

There has been a new arrival to my family: my new baby nephew was born on Tuesday 9th August to my sis!

He currently has no name but baby is so gorgeous. Plus this gives me an exciting opportunity to branch out into a whole new area of sewing!

I have already made some curtains for his nursery. Alex, my sister, not knowing what flavour baby she was having decided she might like to go with a jungle theme for her nursery. I found it quite difficult getting fabric, with a heavy enough weight for curtains, that would be nice for either a girl or boy; most of the jungle prints were really loud, and garish enough to stress baby out not sooth to sleep! In the end I decided to get some nice sage green fabric with white spots (Clarke and Clarke fabric)  – which I though was pretty suitable for both a boy or girl.

Going along the same theme, for the bunting I got some nice fabrics: some green polka dots from Leeds market, but also some super cute fabric from Fabric Rehab to make bunting – I love the little lions and giraffes. I am just waiting on another yellow fabric to arrive in the post before I can put the bunting together. In a way it’s kind of good baby turned out to be a boy as I think the colours look more suitable for a little man…

Definitely doesn’t stop there though! There is a world of baby items he may need and I still haven’t done any appliqué elephants or other jungle animals! Think there may be a few more goodies to come…

Can I keep him?


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