Scraps are definitely not scrap!

With the launch of my new branding, it’s been a far too exciting week to get anything else done…

Not really! While I am still massively excited about the designs my friend Rose has done for me, I actually don’t think I could go a week without using the sewing machine – besides I have lots on the ‘to do’ list. So, this week I have crossed off…

Is it just me or does every sewer seem to have the same tomato pin cushion?

Oven gloves from my Aunty’s birthday. I used the trusty old Cath Kidston ‘Sew’ book again for the pattern and some nice doggie fabric – she likes dogs.

Also this week, I got my first order for a bespoke item…woo hoo! However, it was just from my mum – not sure if this officially counts. On seeing her glasses case last week (not so much of a surprise birthday pressy then!) my mum has requested another for my cousin’s birthday to put some money in for her jollies. However, I thought I could come up with something more appropriate than a glasses case! I had a browse through my mags and came across a nice little simple project for a wallet that doubled as a passport holder. Bonus! I used strips of different fabrics so perfect for using up little scraps.

Actually, I just remembered, my cousin’s wallet was not my first order – the bunting for Cats, my work’s card and gift shop, was the first order – two times 7.5 meters of lovely bunting. And here it is, ready for construction…

Ahhh bunting, lovely bunting.


3 thoughts on “Scraps are definitely not scrap!

  1. Oooh Emily, how have you got on with Cath Kidston’s Sew? I have it sitting pristinely on my bookshelf just waiting for the other 100 projects to get finished before I open it but these oven gloves have me thinking I should get cracking – in my imaginary shop my logo would be a scottie dog so you got my attention!

    ps – I have the tomato pin cushion too x

    • I really like the Sew book – i’ve made a quite a few things from it and the projects are all pretty simple and quick. My favourite was the patchwork quilt with the elephants and birds – I made it for my baby niece when she was born in March – it is so cute. So, get it of the shelf Laura and get making 🙂 And also, whilst it seems very popular, how random is it that the pin cushion is a tomato!

      • I love th sew book, however i’m interested to see how you got on with the pink triangles you sew round the bird squares. I am a novice, however i cut and sewed everything very carefully. When sewn on though the end result is not quite square for these bird ‘squares’, and i’m wondering if i will be able to get all the squares to the same shape and size by adjusting the seam allowance. I did read somewhere that the pattern for the triangles in the book was wrong. Did you have any problems or any advice for a newby?

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