It started with a proposal.

Of marriage that is. (Although unable to help Hot Chocolate’s ‘It started with a kiss…‘ whirling around my head – I guess this is also kind of appropriate, as the kiss soon followed!)

In fact, almost exactly a year ago today my husband now, boyfriend then, took me completely by surprise and popped the question. From what I have heard about friends or friends of friends, engagement stories usually fall under one of two types:

One: ‘The weird behaviour ‘ – the proposer, tense and acting weird, waiting for ‘the right moment’ and an irritated proposee (caused by said weird behaviour) having some kind of minor argument which results in a big make-up and ‘ta-daa’ production of a ring.

Or two: ‘The standard’ – the generic usually-expected romantic on-a-beach, in-a-posh-restaurant kind of thing.

Knitted Engagement Ring

The knitted (with plenty of glue I'm told) ring.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not disrespecting this kind of story at all, I always love a good engagement, just never thought I could see myself falling under these types, mainly as we never really argue and we only do romance in an quiet introverted, just me and him, kind of way. And, true to form, Pete (the ‘not-excentric-as-such-but-a-little different-to-the-norm’ hubby) didn’t let me down. As one who usually cringes at anything too slushy, not to bore with all the details, ours was actually kind of normal, but at the same time cute, and included a knitted (by Pete) ring, celebrated by a glass of wine and a game of chess – perfect.


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